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DeltaTox - Model II - Portable Toxicity and Bio-Contaminant Detection

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division

DeltaTox II is a simple, rapid, extremely responsive, portable water quality test system. Designed for acute toxicity screening and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing, DeltaTox II uses bioluminescence technology to screen for contamination in instances of drinking water emergencies and chemical spills into water systems. DeltaTox II is the ...

Fish Toximeter - Real-Time Biomonitoring

by bbe Moldaenke GmbH

The bbe Fish Toximeter observes the behaviour of fish in a tank under the influence of a stream of 'sample' water with the aid of a camera and continuous computer-assisted image analysis. This uncomplicated but highly sensitive instrument is designed to detect toxic substances in e.g. rivers, reservoirs, water supply systems, water treatment ...

Algae Toximeter - Online Biomonitoring Using Green Algae

by bbe Moldaenke GmbH

The bbe Algae Toximeter continuously monitors water for the presence of toxic substances. Standardised algae are mixed with the sample water and the instrument detects the photosynthetic activity of the algae. Damage to the algae, caused e.g. by herbicides, causes a reduction in algae activity and activates an alarm above a ...

SOS-ChromoTest Kit - Rapid Detection for Genotoxicity

by Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc. (EBPI)

A microplate genotoxicity bioassay based on the primary response of a genetically engineered bacteria to determine DNA genotoxicity damage. The SOS-ChromoTest can be used to evaluate the presence of genotoxic agents in water, wastewater, sediment, air, chemicals, food, cosmetics, and for any material that can be put into aqueous solution.

Chelsea Technology - UV AquaTracka Fluorometer

by Fastwave

The UV AquaTracka is a submersible fluorometer to monitor the concentration of refined hydrocarbons (360nm) or crude hydrocarbons (440nm) in a wide range of oceanographic applications. In support of this, it has been designed to be deployed from gliders, undulating vehicles, moored or profiling systems. The instrument is rated to 6000m and has an ...

Muta Chromoplate Test Kit - Reverse Mutation Ames Test

by Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc. (EBPI)

The Muta-ChromoPlate is a 96 well mircoplate version of the salmonella typhimurium 'Ames Test', used for the detection of mutagenic activity in sediment extracts, air, chemicals, food components, cosmetics, waste water, portable waters, pharmaceuticals, and plant extracts. The reverse mutation assay provides a clear colour endpoint and contains ...

Toxi ChromoTest Kit - Acute Toxicity Test

by Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc. (EBPI)

A microplate toxicity bioassay to determine acute or chronic toxicity in water, effluents, and other liquids. The Toxi-Chromotest endpoint is either partial or complete enzyme inhibition related to toxic stress the test organism is exposed to. It’s endpoint is a simple color change that can be determined visually or using a plate reader at a ...

Water Infrastructure Sensing Equipment & NBCR (WISE)

by ECSI International, Inc.

WISE (Water Infrastructure Sensing Equipment) integrates standard industry sensors with a proprietary biological identification system1. Using an on-board computer and software, it analyzes, in real time, both general water quality parameters and the presence of chemical and bacterial contaminants.

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