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MAVS-3 3 - Axis Acoustic Current Meter

by General Oceanics Inc.

The Mavs Current Meter is a true 3 axis Acoustic Current Meter which employs a differential travel time measurement technique. The current meter takes measurements across 4 acoustic axes to provide a true vector averaged velocity measurement. Programmable burst mode and triggered sampling provide the most flexible current meter available. The ...

Water discharge Measurements: Current meter

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

The instrument is used for the accurate determination of the current velocity in water ways, channels, rivers and the sea. The meter can also be applied in polluted water currents. The measurements are executed with the propeller mounted on the rod(s) or connected to a cable. The current velocity meter has a measuring range of 0.025 to 10 m/sec.

USGS - AA-ICE Model 6240 - Current Meters

by Rickly Hydrological Company

The USGS Type AA ICE Meter is a variation of the standard Type AA meter. It is used to measure water velocity beneath ice. The yoke is modified to eliminate the tailfin assembly and make the unit as small as possible to fit in an 8 in. (20 cm) augered hole. The AA-ICE meter can be used with wading rods or the USGS ice meter Tilting-Harness ...

S4 - Current Meter

by InterOcean Systems

The S4A Instrument family is a continuing evolution in a series of proven multi-purpose hydrographic data acquisition products that are continuously upgraded using the latest devices and techniques in microprocessor based instrumentation.

PVD100 - Current Meter Counter

by Electronic Data Solutions

The Hydrological Services Point Velocity Display (PVD100) is a small electronic device used to 'clean' the signal from a mechanically rotating current meter such as a Price AA or Pygmy meter and directly reads the velocity on the LCD as well as interfacing to a PDA for computation of velocity and discharge. PVD100 Current Meter Counter, capable of ...

Argonaut-MD - Acoustic Doppler Current Meter

by Hoskin Scientific Limited

Combining unparalleled sensitivity and the reliability you expect, the Argonaut-MD (Mooring Deployment) acoustic Doppler current meter has become the instrument of choice in the oceanographic community. Capable of measuring water motion at a 'single point' almost anywhere in the oceans, this 3-D, vector-averaging current meter is small, light, and ...

SEAGUARD - Recording Current Meter (RCM)

by Aanderaa Data Instruments AS - a Xylem brand

The single-point SEAGUARD RCM series is a completely new generation of current meters based on the SEAGUARD datalogger platform and the ZPulse multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor (DCS).

Flo-Mate - Model 2000 - Portable Water Current Meter


The FLO-MATE Model 2000 current and flowmeter is ideal for rivers as well as man made open channels water velocity profiling. It is also a world-wide reference for the calibration of weirs, flumes and other open channel flowmeters and was designed to include the feature that end users desired.

RCM 9 (Recording Current Meter)

by Oceantech Co.

A new instrument for measuing current speed and direction, temperature, pressure, turbidity, oxygen and conductivity in the sea, in lakes and in rivers. A special temperature range makes it well suited for use also in the Polar regions. The instrument features the new RCM Doppler Current Sensor and has several applications. The most common way to ...

Model RB1 - RedBack Bucket Current Meter

by Hydrological Services America

The Hydrological Services RedBack current meter is our new generation cup-type current meter. It allows the measurement of water flow in streams, open canals, pressure pipes, lakes and seas to a fine degree of accuracy and repeat ability; this is due to its advanced contact switching system and interchangeable bucket system that provides trouble ...

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