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Model CMS-4000 - Continuous Monitoring System

by PetroSense, Inc     based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA)

The CMS-4000 is a simple, reliable tool to measure petroleum hydrocarbons in water. With no moving parts and corrosion protected components, the system can be utilized in many different applications.

Wilma On-Line Water Monitor

by LabLogic Systems Limited     based in Broomhill, UNITED KINGDOM

Wilma is a newly developedon-line water monitoring systemfor detection of low-level betaradioisotopes in water.Designed for real-time, low level detectionof 3H and other alpha and beta radionulcidesin water samples, it featuresautomated sampling, mixing, measurement,purging and wash processes.Its compact rugged design permits long-term,unattended ...

Point Four Water Quality Measurement Devices

by Innov Aquaculture     based in Noumea, FRANCE

It is Point Four’s mission to provide users with solutions to enable them to gather information about their water quality parameters; to supply systems to treat water to achieve desired characteristics with special emphasis on management of dissolved gases in water.

Breakthrough Odour Monitor

by Pollution Monitors Limited     based in Mayford Green, UNITED KINGDOM

The Breakthrough Monitor has been designed to indicate failure of odour control plant operation. The system incorporates an electrochemical cell sensor and PLC to overcome electronic noise interference at low ppm levels. Lowest detectable level of 0.5 ppm (500 ppb); calibrated for Hydrogen Sulphide but is cross sensitive to Mercaptans. Full ...

Direct Nitrate Conversion to Gaseous Nitrogen

by ENPAR Technologies Inc     based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The NitrEL system is an electrochemical water treatment process that reduces nitrate concentrations in contaminated drinking water, groundwater and industrial process wastewater streams by converting the nitrate directly to environmentally friendly N2 gas.

Model HM6000 - Metalyser On-line Remote Monitoring Station

by Trace2o ltd     based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM

The Metalyser On-line HM6000 is a remote monitoring station for heavy metals in process and environmental waters. The system uses the proven photometric analysis method, coupled with a panel PC, and an optional telemetry unit to provide a fully remote system. Pollution of the world’s rivers and watercourses from heavy metals has disastrous ...

redo::lyser - Electrochemical Sensor

by scan Messtechnik GmbH     based in Wien/Vienna, AUSTRIA

The redo::lyser is a long-term stable and maintenance free sensor for the on-line measurement of the redox potential immersed in the medium or in a flow cell. Thanks to a groundbreaking reference electrode, high precision is guaranteed in virtually any medium and under harshest conditions. It is pre-calibrated ex works and immediately ready for ...

Aqua Solutions - Model 2618S1 - Type II Point of use Laboratory Water Purification Systems

by Aqua Solutions, Inc.     based in Jasper, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The system has a flow rate of 5-Liters/minute and includes two DI tanks (one installed plus one spare), an activated carbon prefilter assembly with pressure regulator and gauge, and a 2-Megohm-cm purity monitor. The monitor has a Green LED to indicate that the system is producing >2 megohm-cm Type II water. When the water quality drops below 2 ...

Fish Toximeter - Real-Time Biomonitoring Analyser

by bbe Moldaenke GmbH     based in Schwentinental, GERMANY

The bbe Fish Toximeter observes the behaviour of fish in a tank under the influence of a stream of 'sample' water with the aid of a camera and continuous computer-assisted image analysis. This uncomplicated but highly sensitive instrument is designed to detect toxic substances in e.g. rivers, reservoirs, water supply systems, water treatment plant ...

FLUORAT - Model 02-2M - Liquid Photometric Analyser

by UniChrom     based in Lynnwood, WASHINGTON (USA)

FLUORAT-02, which was a pioneering instrument developed by LUMEX and have gained a wide use in many analytical laboratories, makes a baseline for a number of analytical fluorometric, photometric, and chemoluminometric techniques. This versatility allows an analyst to choose the optimal method for assaying each component being determined.

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