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Gasmet - Continuous Mercury Monitor (CMM)

by Gasmet Technologies Oy

Gasmet CMM (Continuous Mercury Monitor) is designed for continuous & unattended monitoring of total mercury (Hg) in flue gas.

Cerex - Shepherd FTIR - Portable Multi-Gas FTIR Analyzer

by Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.

Continuous, real time, portable monitoring. 385 individual species of gas: 100+ HAPs. The Shepherd FTIR utilizes an ultra-sensitive cryo-cooled MCT detector system for sensing minute changes in IR absorption due to the presence of trace concentrations of individual gases. Coupled with an internal cell with 20 meter sample path and CMS real time ...


by Maschinenbau GEROLD GmbH & Co. KG

With its product line Photovoltaics, GEROLD particularly addresses the needs of the photovoltaic industry.GEROLD supplies handling equipment and custom-built frontend-automation for thin-film technology based photovoltaic glass panel production.

SpectraStar - 2400 Series - NIR Analyzers

by AMS Alliance Instruments

The SpectraStar 2400 series represents the next generation scanning NIR analyzer with fast, accurate analysis of agricultural, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples. Near-Infrared (NIR) testing requires minimal sample preparation and is generally non-destructive. Developed for convenience and ease-of-use, the SpectraStar 2400 is ...

AlgSys - Cuvette Algae Analser

by Envitech Ltd.

AlgSys_ala -A unique instrument for: Fast and reliable determination of chlorophyll content of fluorometrical algae classes. Differentiation of fluorometrical algae classes (green algae, green-blue algae). Determination of active chlorophyll.

Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

by Manz AG

Within the value chain of manufacturing crystalline silicon solar cells, Manz focuses onthe third stage: the process of going from wafer to cell.Our core areas include: Automation, Metrology, Printing, Laser Processing,Wet Chemistry and Vacuum Coating.When developing new processes, our focus is on the economical manufacture of solarcells. Doing so ...

Katanax - Automated Electric Fluxer

by SPEX SamplePrep

Single-position fully automated electric fusion machine with atypical sample throughput of 5-7 samples per hour. Ideal for preparing fused beads for XRF analysis and solutions for AA, ICP,and wet chemistry analysis. Patent Pending.

Model AE2430 / AE2440 - Sulfur Analyzer / Phosphorus Analyzer

by Airwave Electronics Ltd.

The AE2430/2440 HYFED hydrogen flame emission detector is a direct reading continuous ambient monitor that uses a flame photometric detector (FPD). The FPD provides fast response and is the most sensitive method for determining low concentrations of all sulfur or phosphorus/phosphine species in air. The AE2430/2440 is one in a series of versatile ...

Southern Scientific - HandHound Wall Mounted Contamination Monitor

by Southern Scientific Ltd.

Voice activated, touch screen, wall mounted contamination monitor. The HandHound has been designed mainly for use in 'wet-chemistry' radio-isotope handling situations where hands could be contaminated. It has been designed to help with HSE compliance, by keeping a record of hand contamination measurements taken.

AlgaeLabAnalyser - Quick Algae Analysis in the Lab

by Benten Water Solutions

Determination of chlorophyll-a, algae classes and photosynthesis activity for scientific and routine analysis. The special patterns of algal fluorescence - so-called fingerprints - are used in the AlgaeLabAnalyser and other bbe fluorometers for the qualification of different algae classes. The light sources for the excitation are LEDs with ...

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