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Looking Hot while Staying Cool: Liquid Nitrogen at the Club


You feel the pulse of the music and the energy of the crowd around you.  The beat is infectious and before you know it you are on the dance floor moving your body and having a good time. As the rhythm builds and your hips shake, one thing is holding you back and preventing you from fully enjoying the night.  You are just too hot. You left your house looking like a million bucks and now ...

Sustainable waste gas treatment using a combination of ozone-based advanced oxidation process and a wet scrubber


ESCO International supplied an advanced oxidation system (AOP) to treat an industrial gas effluent in a refinery plant Both the public and local regulatory authorities are highly sensitive to odour nuisance. Odour problems originate from the use of chemicals and solvents in industries such as foundries, electronics, chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals but also from sewage treatment ...

Preserving credibility in the green bonds market


It has been a big year for green bonds. We’ve seen the market grow very quickly and we’ve seen investor interest levels soar. We expect 2014 issuance to reach over $40 bn – four times 2013 issuance. Growth is fantastic but growth to date has to be seen as just step one. The bulk of issuance so far has involved highly creditworthy issuers repackaging assets as green bonds; the ...

Nova: nothing ‘average’ about this sound level meter


Advanced integrating sound level meter Nova is the latest range of advanced integrating sound level meters designed specifically for safety professionals by Pulsar Instruments, expert manufacturer and global retailer of noise measurement equipment since 1969. This handheld integrating sound level meter is available as a Class 1 or Class 2 instrument and is the ...

Mobile Filtration Fume Hoods provide Performance and Energy Savings


Designed by Erlab, Captair Flex® non ducted mobile filtration fume hoods ensures optimal operator protection by being able to adapt itself to the handling protection by being able to adapt itself to the handlil combined, in laboratories and clean rooms.The Captair Flex line can be configured to the protection needs of laboratories. By combining molecular and HEPA H14 filtration technologies. ...

Geostatistics proves its value for site remediation once again


A recent study conducted by Geovariances, the French Antea Group and the Swiss consulting company eOde for the French RECORD* network has validated the value of geostatistics for the characterization of contaminated sites. The study recalls that geostatistics provides a rigorous methodological framework for contamination mapping and volume/tonnage estimation. But most importantly, it points out ...

Multi-million pound waste management plant in Deeside


The plans to build a multi-million pound waste management facility in Deeside have been submitted to Flintshire County Council. If given the go ahead, the energy recovery facility’ – known as Parc Adfer – will be constructed on the former steelworks site and will generate enough electricity to power 30,000 homes. The multi-millions pound management plant will incinerate more ...

World Water-Tech North America Summit Approaching


The second annual World Water-Tech North America Summit, the fifth event in the World Water-Tech series, gathers the key stakeholders from every part of the water value chain. Hosted by Rethink Events and WaterTAP Ontario, the event provides a dynamic meeting place for the growing international water-tech community. World Water-Tech North America will feature utility and industrial leaders from ...

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