Carbon Trust launches Footprint Verification service

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The Carbon Trust has today launched a service designed to independently verify carbon emissions data published by companies and other organisations.

Dubbed Footprint Verification, the new service will allow firms to carry a Carbon Trust-backed logo alongside any carbon footprint data they provide in annual reports, CSR reports, or marketing material.

The company said that the verification service is compliant with established carbon reporting standards such as the GHG Protocol and the Carbon Disclosure Project and will provide independent assurance that companies' emissions claims are accurate.

The service follows a two-stage process whereby the Carbon Trust initially checks whether a company has omitted any emissions data from the final footprint, before then offering to correct any omissions ahead of full verification of its calculations.

Businesses are under growing pressure to report on their carbon footprint and the government is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks on whether or not large companies should be legally required to publish emissions data.

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