Developments to sample handling conditions for soil analysis

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Severn Trent Services are continuously reviewing process changes to benefit our customers and as a result of this we are pleased to announce that we will be improving the service offered to our customer base. As part of the service enhancement we will be keeping our customers informed with regards to the adequacy of sampling, sample preservation from the date of sampling and delivery time restraints relating to determinand stability. These improvements build upon the changes we made for water analysis for chemistry and microbiology implemented in September 2011.

The changes are being introduced industry wide as per requirements by our accreditation body (UKAS) following guidance provided by the Laboratory Committee of the European co-operations for Accreditation (EA). To assist our customers a dedicated webpage has been set up on our website providing information relating to sample stability:

One of the main areas of change most noticeable will be in the comments that may be placed on analytical reports. The comments will provide information on samples analysed outside of stability times, samples provided with incorrect information and samples provided in inappropriate containers which may consequently result in analysis being compromised.

We look forward to working closely with our customers to implement these changes and will continue to provide communications on developments. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate in contacting us tel: 024 7642 1213 or email us on:

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