Is oxygen overrated when it comes to in-situ hydrocarbon remediation? Let`s take a look at a few of the facts.

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Fact:  Many millions of dollars are spent annually to artificially add oxygen to the subsurface of fuel contaminated sites by either chemical or mechanical means.  Most fuel-contaminated sites are naturally anaerobic, so oxygen is often added to stimulate the indigenous bacteria to “eat” the contamination.  When the added oxygen is inevitably depleted again, the indigenous bacteria quit eating and remediation slows to a halt. 

Fact:  Adding oxygen would be pretty silly if there were a way to remediate subsurface contamination without the constant addition of oxygen via artificial, expensive means! 

Fact:  There is a way...Trap & Treat® BOS 200®!

BOS 200® is unique among remediation products because it performs BOTH aerobically and anaerobically.  Initially, BOS 200® works aerobically, beginning as an oxygen-rich slurry injectate due to aeration.  After 30 days, the oxygen dissipates, and BOS 200® begins a series of anaerobic processes (primarily sulfate reduction) that keep working until the contamination is eliminated.

Fact:  More than 95% of companies who use BOS 200® for the first time use it again.


Trap & Treat - Model BOS 200 - Total Turnaround For Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination

Can you afford an invasive, expensive, ineffective “solution” to your in situ remediation woes? We didn"t think so. Our search for an effective, safe method of dealing with petroleum hydrocarbon pollution led to the development of a truly revolutionary product to trap contaminants and consume them. Our cutting-edge BOS 200 doesn"t just promise to eliminate petroleum hydrocarbon contamination: it delivers. BOS 200 is unique because it uses ...


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