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Washington governor proposes carbon pollution cap

by Associated Press  (Dec. 17, 2014)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday proposed an ambitious cap-and-trade program to require the state's largest industrial polluters to pay for every ton of carbon they release. The proposal was part of a broader package that the Democrat said would help the state meet a 2008 mandate to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions ...

Energy support policies: putting the EU on a low-carbon path?

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (Dec. 16, 2014)

European countries have increased renewable energy’s share of energy consumption in recent years, in part thanks to support mechanisms for the renewables sector. A new report finds that many energy support policies could be better focused to lead the EU more effectively to decarbonise the energy sector. ...

Impact of Fossil Fuel Subsidies on Renewable Energy

by GLOBE Foundation  (Dec. 10, 2014)

The $548 billion USD that is paid annually in fossil fuel subsidies around the world is preventing a crucial transition to renewable energy sources. This is according to a new report released today from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). ...

United States must grasp opportunity to build sustainable energy system

by International Energy Agency  (Dec. 18, 2014)

The United States is in a strong position to deliver a reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy system, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today as it released a review of U.S. energy policy. To do so, however, the country must establish a more stable and co-ordinated strategic ...

Rethinking How We Live, How We Buy and What We Consume

by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  (Nov. 11, 2014)

A new global report aimed at supporting the shift to a more resource-efficient world through sustainable lifestyles, was launched today by the Ministry of Environment of Japan, the Government of Sweden and WWF. The development of the 10YFP Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme (SLE) - jointly coordinated by the United Nations Environment ...

Interconnectors to participate in the Capacity Market from 2015

by Department of Energy and Climate Change  (Dec. 2, 2014)

Interconnectors linking Britain to our European neighbours will be able to participate in the second four-year-ahead Capacity Market auction in 2015, which will ensure a secure energy supply in the winter of 2019/2020 from a diverse range of energy sources. Improving our connection to Europe’s energy markets means our energy companies can ...

EU Carbon Market Reform needed to improve efficiency

by Department of Energy and Climate Change  (Oct. 20, 2014)

The Government is backing stronger reforms to make the EU Emissions Trading System work more efficiently and stimulate investment in low-carbon technologies, it has been announced today. The UK believes a Market Stability Reserve will help Europe meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction obligations more cost effectively through the EU ETS. ...

Carbon cuts and climate finance commitments needed to keep up COP momentum

by Department of Energy and Climate Change  (Dec. 9, 2014)

UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey called on more countries to bring forward fair and ambitious climate finance and carbon cuts to keep up momentum for a 2015 global climate deal, as he arrived at the COP 20 talks in Lima today. The UK has been leading from the front, helping to create crucial political momentum in recent months ...

Market for Nuclear Valves to Exceed $2.4 Billion in 2017

by The McIlvaine Company  (Nov. 26, 2014)

East Asian purchases of valves for nuclear power plants will boost the market for valves in the nuclear industry to over $2.4 billion by 2017. This is the conclusion in Nuclear Power Plant Valve Forecast and Analysis published by the McIlvaine Company. In 2017 China and other East Asian nuclear valve purchasers will spend $755 million. This ...

New Study Addresses Renewable Energy Market Barriers in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Worldwatch Institute  (Dec. 10, 2014)

The region of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is already a global low-carbon leader in terms of power generation from hydrological and biomass resources. Declining costs, maturing technologies, and vast untapped potentials including geothermal, solar, and wind offer an unprecedented opportunity to further develop the market for other ...

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