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Clarifying and measuring energy security

by Science for Environment Policy - European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service  (Mar. 24, 2010)

A new study has clarified the concept of the popular phrase 'energy security'. It suggests that measurements of energy security for a country or area should be multi-dimensional and include figures that represent fuel prices, the diversity of the energy market and political stability. Ensuring the security of energy supply through sustainable ...

Making clean, high-quality fuels from low-quality oil

by MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (Jul. 17, 2015)

Original story at MIT News New findings released by MIT researchers could help energy companies implement a long-recognized process for converting heavy, high-sulfur crude oil into high-value, cleaner fuels such as gasoline without using hydrogen — a change that would reduce costs, energy use, and ...

Calls for coalition to clarify policy on incineration

by MRW - Materials Recycling World  (May 14, 2010)

Despite several positive environmental pledges in its manifesto, the new coalition government needs to be clearer about its policy on the future of incineration, according to a national anti-incineration group. The UK Without Incineration Network (UK WIN) is concerned about which government department will take charge of energy from waste ...

Clarifying arctic sovereignty - for better or worse

by GLOBE Foundation  (Jun. 5, 2008)

Five Arctic coastal nations have agreed to let the United Nations rule on conflicting territorial claims to the Arctic seabed, which may hold up to one fourth of the world’s undiscovered hydrocarbon reserves. Many believe any outcome will be destructive to Arctic habitats and that an international treaty for protecting these waters is ...

UK government clarifies its position on WEEE ruling

by MRW - Materials Recycling World  (Sep. 4, 2009)

The Government has written to all waste electrical and electronic equipment compliance schemes to respond to queries raised in relation to last month’s Repic judicial review ruling and to clarify its position. WEEE compliance scheme Repic took the Government to court and claimed that the WEEE Regulations were unlawful and that the Government had ...

Movement underway to clarify the clean water act jurisdiction

by Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.  (Jun. 17, 2009)

The Obama Administration has sent letters to House and Senate leaders signaling that the Administration supports efforts to clarify the waters that should be protected by the Clean Water Act (CWA). Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) has introduced legislation in the Senate. A key provision of the bill is a change in the definition of the waters to be ...

US$5.6 billion market for clarifiers and centrifuges

by The McIlvaine Company  (Sep. 15, 2009)

The market for sedimentation and centrifugation equipment will remain flat this year at $5.6 billion worldwide.  Some industry segments will be up and will mostly offset declines in others. Asia will be up, offsetting declines in Europe and NAFTA.  These are the latest forecasts in Sedimentation & Centrifugation World Markets published by the ...

Congress Tries to Clarify Waters Muddied by Supreme Court

by Environment News Service (ENS)  (May 29, 2007)

Wasington, DC - To restore federal protection of waters and wetlands, a bi-partisan bill was introduced in the House on Tuesday that attempts to clarify the original intent of Congress in the 1972 Clean Water Act. Two Supreme Court decisions that obscured the definition of which water bodies are covered by the 1972 law have made the new measure ...

US agencies seek to clarify wetlands protections

by Associated Press  (Mar. 25, 2014)

Federal agencies Tuesday asserted regulatory authority over many of the nation's streams and wetlands in an effort to clarify which are shielded from development under the Clean Water Act, an issue that remains in dispute even after two U.S. Supreme Court rulings. The law gives the government jurisdiction over U.S. waters, but legal challenges ...

New version of REACH-IT clarifies communication between ECHA and companies

by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)  (Apr. 21, 2014)

The new version of REACH-IT (2.7), now ready for use, introduces new terms and conditions that clarify how companies receive decisions and other communications from ECHA. In addition, the update now allows the submission of applications for authorisation through REACH-IT. At the same time, a new version of IUCLID launched. When you now log into ...

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