FROM R Module Fact Sheet (PDF 1.73 MB)

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TRI / Form R Reporting ModuleFORM RThe FORM R module provides step-by-step guidance to chemicals reportable under SARA Title III, Section 313(Toxic Release Inventory), and prepares Form R or Form A reports for direct submission to the EPA.SARA Title III Section 313 complianceThe FORM R module guides you through the Form R / Form Aprocess and avoids over- and under- reporting.The program features step-by-step guidance to lead youthrough chemical identification, usage, release determina-tion, exceptions, and exemptions.Features such as sequential menu steps, progression chartsand a Wizard make it easy to complete SARA 313 reportsquickly and accurately.“Real time” chemical inventory tracking by location orcontainer: tracks transactions by location for physical in-ventory, purchase, usage and inventory transfers; alterna-tive version for tracking amount by container.SARA, FORM R, or MSDS is required for this add-on moduleSARA ModuleMSDS ModuleFORM R ModuleAIR ModuleNPDES ModuleWASTE ModulePERMIT ModuleAdd-on: CHEMICAL LIST EXTENSION (CLE) ModuleINVENTORY (location) ModuleINVENTORY (container) ModuleMSDS HAZCOM ModuleMSDS NETVIEW ModuleMSDS DISTRIBUTION ModuleINVENTORYLOCAL ModuleRCRA TRAINING ModuleTASK MASTER ModuleCORPORATE-MIRSOther Modules available for use with MIRS™Stand-alone:Popular packages:SARA Title III PackageWorksafe PackageReleases PackageMIRSTM FORM R module creates an audit trail to document yourcompliance effort through each step: usage calculationworksheets, threshold summary and reportable chemicals list-ing.MIRS™ is the only system which produces both printedand magnetic media Form Rs approved by the EPA be-fore the deadline every year since 1988.Features selection tables throughout, with type-of-use codesand release calculation equations to greatly simplify Section313 compliance.Large chemical database includes all listed Section 313 toxicchemicals, including PBTs and Dioxins, and 9000 categorychemicals that are not individually listed by the EPA. Alsoincludes detailed chemical information: CAS, EINECS, andRTECS numbers, regulatory information, hazard classes andmore.Chemical-category locator function helps you find andcombine the Section 313 category chemicals.Special-condition qualifier allows you to include or exemptcertain reportable chemicals.Mass balance feature accounts for all chemical usage.Automatically transfer Air Release from the AIR module.Transfer NPDES discharge totals and Off-Site Transfers fromthe WASTE module.Generate multi-year comparisons and multi-facility Respon-sible Care Report.Inventory calculations: calculates usage, average and maxi-mum quantities for any specified period of time.Year-to-date reports: generates year-to-date inventory levelreports and projects reportable chemicals based on annual-ized amounts.Year-end reporting: generates material summaries and inte-grates with other MIRS™ modules for year-end Tier, Form Rand other compliance reporting, with automatic inventory unitconversion to “pounds”.

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