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Gary Bartman, President of Turner Design Hydrocarbon Instruments Announced to Speak at the Ship Air Emissions Management 2014 seminar in Long Beach

by Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.  (Oct. 13, 2014)

The President of Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Gary Bartman, will be one of the guest speakers at the Ship Air Emissions Management summit 2014.  The seminar will take place on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA from October 28-30, 2014. MARPOL Annex VI under the International Maritime Organization sets limits on sulphur oxide and ...

Scientists refute lower emissions claim for fracking

by Climate News Network  (Oct. 15, 2014)

The argument that fracking can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is misguided, according to an international scientific study, because the amount of extra fossil fuel it will produce will cancel out the benefits of its lower pollution content. The study, published today in the journal Nature, recognises that ...

Tecam Group Announces Equipment Supply to Cabycal for VOC Emissions Treatment for Automotive Industry in UK

by Tecam Group  (Jun. 3, 2014)

Tecam Group, engineering, assembly and installation company providing environmental technology solutions for the Industry, has announced today the supply of equipment for Volatile Organic Compounds VOC emissions reduction to painting systems producer Cabycal, as part of an integrated project for the automotive project in the United Kingdom (UK). ...

World of clean energy ‘feasible’ by mid-century

by Climate News Network  (Oct. 10, 2014)

A global low-carbon energy economy is not only feasible, it could double electricity supply by 2050 while actually reducing air and water pollution, according to new research. Even though photovoltaic power requires up to 40 times more copper than conventional power plants, and wind power uses up to 14 times more iron, the world wins on a switch ...

Public Misperception Complicates Discussion About Fracking Regulations, Panelists Say

by Bloomberg BNA  (Oct. 10, 2014)

Public confusion over the practices involved in hydraulic fracturing has complicated efforts to study and regulate aspects of the process, according to environmental and industry advocates. “Hydraulic fracturing has evolved to mean a lot more things than fracturing open a rock,” Jason Hutt, a partner at Bracewell & Giuliani, said ...

US settles with Costco to cut ozone-depleting and greenhouse gas refrigerant emissions nationwide

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Sep. 3, 2014)

Costco Wholesale Corporation, the nation’s second largest retailer, has agreed to cut its emissions of ozone-depleting and greenhouse gas chemicals from refrigeration equipment at more than half of its stores nationwide. In the settlement announced today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Justice (DOJ), ...

US Settlement with Michigan Utility to Reduce Emissions at Its Coal-Fired Power Plants, Fund Projects to Benefit Environment and Communities

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Sep. 16, 2014)

In a settlement with the United States, Consumers Energy, a subsidiary of CMS Energy Corporation, has agreed to install pollution control technology, continue operating existing pollution controls and comply with emission rates to reduce harmful air pollution from the company’s five coal-fired power plants located in West Olive, Essexville, ...

EPA selects students at U.C. Riverside to receive sustainable design funding

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Oct. 15, 2014)

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded a total of about $45,000 in grants to three student teams at the University of California, Riverside to design an innovative way to generate power, and develop a lawn mower and a backyard barbeque that will emit less air pollution. The students competed for grants by submitting research ...

CO2 Solutions Partners for U.S. Carbon Capture Pilot

by GLOBE Foundation  (Jun. 17, 2014)

CO2 Solutions Inc., an innovator in the field of enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology, today announced that it has entered into a Collaboration Agreement with Colorado-based Neumann Systems Group, Inc. (“NSG” or “Neumann Systems”), an established emissions control solutions provider. Under the terms of the agreement, ...

Mercury Removal Market to Exceed $1 Billion/yr by 2015

by The McIlvaine Company  (Sep. 3, 2014)

Next year U.S. utilities, industrial boilers and cement plants will be required to limit mercury emissions from stack exhausts. This set of laws alone will immediately double the market for mercury removal consumables and hardware. When this new opportunity is combined with the markets in waste incineration, mining and oil and gas, the total will ...

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