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Prize to article in Hydrology Research

by SMHI International Consulting Services  (Oct. 3, 2012)

Researchers at SMHI received the award for the best article in the journal Hydrology Research. The article describes how information from climate simulations can be adapted to develop scenarios for water flow and water balance in a future climate. The journal "Hydrology Research" is the official journal of the Nordic Association for ...

Summer course on hydrological modelling

by SMHI International Consulting Services  (Aug. 21, 2014)

SMHI provides pan-European water information based on their hydrological model system, E-HYPE (European HYdrological Predictions for the Environment). During the summer, 20 people from six European countries gathered at SMHI to find out more about the model results. The course focused on hydrological modelling of continental Europe and the ...

Hydrological history improves understanding

by WaterLink International - Geomares Publishing bv  (Dec. 7, 2010)

Once lost in the mists of time, the colonial hydrology of the northeast US has been reconstructed by a team of geoscientists, biological scientists and social scientists. The findings provide a new way of uncovering the hydrology of the past and will lead to a better understanding of hydrologic systems now and in the future, the scientists say. ...

McGurk Hydrologic joins as an Affiliate Member

by KISTERS group  (Jun. 15, 2012)

KISTERS North America, Inc., a leading provider of advanced hydrological data management tools, announces the addition of McGurk Hydrologic as a key affiliate of KISTERS North America.  McGurk Hydrologic provides runoff forecasting, hydrologic simulation modeling, environmental review, and water and land management services to a wide range of ...

A hydrological network for open source codes under development

by SMHI International Consulting Services  (Nov. 12, 2013)

Considerable interest is being shown in hydrological models with open source codes, which users are free to continue developing. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute’s (SMHI) hydrological model HYPE is being developed with open source codes so that researchers all over the world will be able to develop models in cooperation. ...

Successful start for Hydrological Open Source Community

by SMHI International Consulting Services  (Jan. 17, 2012)

The HYPE Open Source Community is now open to anyone interested in hydrology, for cooperative code development. The community was successfully launched recently. The international community for developing hydrological computational models is gaining momentum, and several teams from around the world have also chosen to use SMHI’s ...

KISTERS acquires Hydrological Services Ltd Sydney

by KISTERS group  (Apr. 15, 2015)

The acquisition of Hydrological Services Ltd (HS) by KISTERS Group became effective from 01.01.2015. HS is now part of the KISTERS group, but maintains its separate identity and function. KISTERS further expands its product portfolio by integrating the newly acquired HS into the global KISTERS Group. HS measurement devices and sensors are perfect ...

Hydrological changes imperil world`s poorest regions, say water experts

by McGill University  (Apr. 9, 2008)

Modern agriculture and land-use practices may lead to major disruptions of the world’s water flows, with potentially sudden and dire consequences for regions least able to cope with them, researchers at the Stockholm University-affiliated Stockholm Resilience Centre and McGill University have warned. In a paper published April 1 in the journal ...

New hydrological station to help manage Afghan water resources

by United Nations  (Mar. 27, 2008)

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has helped open a new hydrological station at a dam near the Afghan capital, Kabul, as part of its joint efforts with the country’s authorities to better manage water resources in Afghanistan. The station, at Qargha Dam, is one of a network of 174 hydrological stations and 60 snow gauges ...

Aquatic Informatics Issues Latest Software Release for Hydrologic Data Management

by Aquatic Informatics Inc  (Nov. 24, 2011)

Aquatic Informatics Inc., a global leader in providing innovative software solutions for water data management and analysis, today announced that it has released the latest version of its AQUARIUS Software, AQUARIUS 3.0 R2. R2 includes a number of innovative software features and updates, ...

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