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106 50th Street, Charleston, WV 25304 Phone (304) 925-3015 Fax 800-870-1786 Handheld (PDA) Environmental Software Our vision at NeoNexus is for all data to be managed digitally through every point in the business process. If someone in the data stream has to manually re-enter or manipulate data to move on to the next step in the process, additional time and money are spent, and it leads to data integrity issues due to keystroke errors. In many markets like environmental where field technicians travel from location to location, the initial data collection is still collected in manual field logs, and later transcribed to a digital tool. Just because the initial data are collected by hand does not mean it has to be RECORDED by hand. Using NeoNexus’ PDA software, field technicians can capture data in the field directly into a digital tool. From there, they can synchronize it with a PC and move the data directly into Excel, databases, desktop software, or web applications, thus eliminating the step of manually transcribing the data. And if the PDA software is deployed on wireless PDAs like the Palm Trio Smart Phones, the synchronization can occur in real time NeoNexus has developed Geology and Chemistry PDA applications to meet the needs of environmental customers. These applications run on either Palm or Windows Mobile operating systems, so you have your choice of PDA hardware. HiveMind PDA Chemistry One of the biggest bottlenecks for laboratories is in log-in. That is where the shipping container of samples is opened, and the alarms start ringing ? Were the samples expected? ? Why did we get 40 samples when we were told to expect 20? ? I thought these were standard turn-around-time, but they are marked rush ? I need to get a chemist here tonight to run these samples All of these issues can be addressed in real time if the laboratory finds out before the samples arrive, thus allowing the analytical process to make a giant leap forward. Imagine having the environmental laboratory actually receive the scope of work from the chain of custody PRIOR to the samples arriving at the lab And this isn’t just for laboratories. Anyone in the supply chain can benefit. HiveMind PDA Geology Using HiveMind’s PDA Geology application, you can collect boring log and monitoring well construction details in the field digitally, avoiding the expense of manually transcribing them at a later date. Most pick lists are standardized, so there is less artistic license taken (i.e. is in sandy silt or silty sand). View the boring log graphically in the field and adjust your field work accordingly. Go to for more information.

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