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DOE Issues Final Request for Proposal for Oak Ridge Transuranic Waste Processing Center Services

by US Department of Energy  (Oct. 14, 2014)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today issued a Final Request for Proposal (RFP), for support services at the Oak Ridge Transuranic Waste Processing Center (TWPC) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The total estimated value of the contract is $100 Million - $300 Million. The period of performance will be 5-years, with a three-year base period and one, ...

Industry surveys reveal that SMEs may be disposing of waste incorrectly

by GPT Waste Management Ltd  (Sep. 24, 2014)

The research set out to discover how well-informed Britain’s businesses are about their obligations under the Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005). It makes good business sense to manage waste in the right way, and this research has shown that while Britain’s business owners are keen to do their bit, they need more help to get it right. ...

New long-term plan to safely dispose of radioactive waste

by Department of Energy and Climate Change  (Jul. 24, 2014)

It follows a consultation on improving the process of finding a site to host a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF), which will safely isolate our radioactive waste deep underground and inside multiple barriers to provide protection over hundreds of thousands of years. Building a GDF will help us permanently deal with waste from decades of ...

GAO Urges Review of Risks From Disposing Of Oil, Gas Wastewater Into Injection Wells

by Bloomberg BNA  (Aug. 1, 2014)

The Environmental Protection Agency should review emerging risks related to the disposal in underground injection wells of wastewater from oil and gas activities, according to a report released July 28 by the Government Accountability Office. Overall, safeguards in place at the ...

Shredding industrial waste in Brittany, France

by WEIMA America, Inc.  (Oct. 6, 2014)

"Les Recycleurs Bretons" has been one of France's leading waste disposal companies for the past thirty years. 2013 saw the inauguration of a regionally operating and contemporary waste recycling plant situated on the outskirts of the historical coastal town of Brest, in the heart of proud Brittany. Its main purpose is to produce valuable fuel ...

Underground lab tackles Japan nuclear waste issue

by Associated Press  (Jul. 14, 2014)

Reindeer farms and grazing Holstein cows dot a vast stretch of rolling green pasture here on Japan's northern tip. Underground it's a different story. Workers and scientists have carved a sprawling laboratory deep below this sleep dairy town that, despite government reassurances, some of Horonobe's 2,500 residents fear could turn their ...

Raymark Waste to be Removed at Sikorsky Airport Availability Session: September 17, 2014 at St. Joseph’s Parish Hal

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Sep. 10, 2014)

As part of the Sikorsky Airport Improvements Project, the City of Bridgeport will be conducting a removal of hazardous waste at a parcel associated with the new runway safety area. The work, which will be overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, includes the excavation, treatment, and disposal of approximately 14,000 cubic yards of ...

Michaelis Waste to Energy Systems: cost reduction for waste disposal and energy

by Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG  (Sep. 22, 2014)

The basic conditions for an own waste energy system have been changed in the last months: Waste disposal is no future-safe measure the prices fort he industrial waste disposal will increase The big central waste incineration plants are not interested in taking over waste of a high calorific value as therewith the incineration capacity is reduced ...

Should the UK Rethink the handling of Medical Waste Following Ebola Outbreak?

by GPT Waste Management Ltd  (Aug. 28, 2014)

The UK is worryingly underprepared when it comes to hazardous waste disposal in high-risk environments and too reliant on out-dated procedures that leave those responsible for waste collection vulnerable and open to infection. Whilst Ebola represents a small risk to the UK, the healthcare sector and industries responsible for managing high-risk ...

Publication of Implementing Geological Disposal White Paper 2014

by Department of Energy and Climate Change  (Jul. 24, 2014)

I am today publishing a White Paper on implementing geological disposal of higher activity radioactive waste. The White Paper – Implementing Geological Disposal - follows a public consultation that my department carried out during 2013 on potential amendments to the existing siting process established in 2008 ...

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