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Sun sheds light on Arctic carbon puzzle

by Climate News Network  (Sep. 4, 2014)

One of the puzzles of the permafrost has been solved by scientists in the US. The key to the carbon cycle in the Arctic north is not the microbe population − it’s the sunlight. Such a discovery is not, strictly speaking, concerned with climate change, but with the more detailed question of how the world ...

NACWA, NMPF to Sign Landmark MOU on Improving Water Quality

by NACWA - National Association of Clean Water Agencies  (Aug. 26, 2014)

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Tuesday, September 9, to promote increased cooperation and communication between the two organizations in their efforts to make watershed-level water quality improvements. The signing ...

Environmental Concerns Related to Shale Oil and Gas Development to Be Discussed at 2014 Farm Science Review

by Ohio State University  (Aug. 26, 2014)

The number of horizontal oil and gas wells in Ohio’s shale is growing exponentially, and residents often have concerns about potential environmental impacts. But people often worry about just one aspect -- the potential for groundwater contamination, said Joe Bonnell, watershed management program director in Ohio State University’s ...

AWWA comments address fracking fluids rulemaking

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Aug. 25, 2014)

In recent comments to the US Environmental Protection Agency, AWWA detailed its interests in an Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics rulemaking regarding the use of the Toxic Substances Control Act for collecting information on hydraulic fracturing chemicals and their use. There are numerous questions answered in the comments, but most ...

Water and Agriculture Leaders Plant Seeds for Environmental Progress in Rare Collaboration

by U.S. Water Alliance  (Aug. 21, 2014)

he US Water Alliance issued a report today highlighting common ground and innovative strategies between agriculture and water and wastewater utilities to reduce nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River Basin. “Coming Together to Protect  Mississippi River Watersheds:  Agriculture and Water Sector Collaboration for Nutrient ...

Californians to vote on $7.5 billion water plan

by Associated Press  (Aug. 14, 2014)

Driven to action by the state's historic drought, California lawmakers on Wednesday voted to place a $7.5 billion water plan before voters in November. The measure marks the largest investment in decades in the state's water infrastructure and is designed to build reservoirs, clean up contaminated groundwater and promote water-saving ...

2014 One Water Leadership Summit Two Rivers, Two Cities, Two States, One Water – Kansas City, MO September 15-17, 2014

by U.S. Water Alliance  (Jul. 31, 2014)

Shifting the paradigm to one water management, the U.S. Water Alliance will hold the 5th annual One Water Leadership (OWL) Summit, in Kansas City, MO on September 15-17.  The Summit will look at the many ways water unites us and ways we can unite its many silos. As a focal point for the national dialogue on resource recovery and green ...

Man-Made Wetlands turn Wastewater into Tap Water

by Associated Press  (Aug. 3, 2014)

As murky water snakes through a man-made wetland between Dallas and Houston, its shallow ponds of lush vegetation slowly filter out phosphorous and nitrates until, a week later, the water runs clear as a creek into the area drinking supply. The 2,000-acre wetland system in Fairfield converts what is mainly treated wastewater that would otherwise ...

Los Angeles County’s Sun Valley Watershed Multi-Benefit Project Receives ISI’s Highest Sustainable Infrastructure Award - Envision Platinum

by American Public Works Association  (Aug. 26, 2014)

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) announced today that the Sun Valley Watershed Multi-Benefit Project in Los Angeles County, Calif., has earned the Envision™ infrastructure rating system’s Platinum award—the highest level attainable in the Envision system. The L. A. County Board of Supervisors will accept the ...

EPA Awards $120,000 in Urban Waters grants to Revitalize Mystic River Watershed

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Aug. 19, 2014)

In two separate grants, EPA is awarding $120,000 to two organizations working to clean up the Mystic River Watershed, just outside Boston, Mass. The two Mystic River Watershed grants are part of $2.1 million EPA awarded nationally to 37 organizations in 17 states and Puerto Rico to help restore urban waters, improve water quality, and support ...

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