ROBIN® Range: Agitator E5 Type (PDF 119 KB)

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AGITATOR E5 TYPE - ROBIN® range Operating conditions• E5 type is used for mixing at atmospheric pres-sure in open tank.• The shaft is guided with a radial bearing locatedinto the pedestal, the E5 head allows high flexionstrength and long shaft. Available rangeThese data are the most common used ones, ROBIN Indus-tries can manufacture special mixers (up to 1000 kW, with allkind of impeller up to 10 m dia., and custom-made mixers.)• Rated power: about 0.75 to 250 kW• Rotation speed: 500 to 10 rpm• Impeller diameter: 0.50 to 6m• Impeller type: all kind• Construction material: all machinable metallicmaterial• Pressure use: few mbar difference of theatmospheric pressureThe combination of the highest value of parameters may givea special agitator. Applications• Keeping homogeneous, heat transfer pumping: oilhomogenisation, heating, etc.• Dispersion, emulsion: liquid/liquid extraction,acrylic emulsion mixing, emulsion preparation, etc.• Easy dissolution, hard dissolution: salt dissolution,wax melting in bitumen, bitumen melting,neutralization, etc.• Keeping in suspension: lime milk, resin washing,ferric oxide storage, concrete fabrication,kiesselguhr salt preparation, gypsum storage, etc.Coated HPM propellerAgitator E5 type Constitution• One electric motor, horizontal or vertical position,all insulation available, cast iron or aluminium frame• One coupling to the gear box, by elasticcoupling, depending on gear box type, underguard• One gear box, manufacturer with customer agree-ment• One guiding support with bearing• One flange for tank connection adapted to the tank• One shaft, solid or tubular• One or more impeller(s), fixed to the shaft withhub (adjustable position) or bolted blades onwelded plates on shaft.Tous droits réservés de modification des caractéristiques sans préavis - SIREN 331 253 625 - RCS MONTEREAU - Imprimé en FranceRéf. : 160 8208 201 N - 07/01 Options• Frequency inverter• Belt drive• Flange connection, squared shape, all stan-dards• Coating: ebonite, butyle, PVDF, PTFE, etc.• Bottom bearing: for long shaft, or high flexionstrength due to severe operating conditions(gas injection, etc.), this device, holds theshaft at its tip, with a PTFE bushing, the staticpart of the bottom bearing must be welded onthe bottom vessel with feet.MotorGear boxGuiding supportBearing Connecting flangeCouplingShaft Available impellersROBIN Industries manufactures other types of mobiles such as: anchor, ribbon, double flow, double movement,archimedean screw, made-to-measure mobiles, etc.HPM PBT RUSHTONA division ofFRANCE - DOSAPRO MILTON ROY S.A10, Grande Rue27360 Pont-Saint -Pierre (France)Tél. : +33 (0)2 32 68 30 00 - Fax : +33 (0)2 32 68 30 93www.dosapro.comE-mail : contact@dosapro.comFRANCE - ROBIN INDUSTRIES S.A10, rue du Bois Gasseau - BP 94 - SAMOREAU - 77212 AVON Cédex (France)Tél. : +33 (0)1 60 74 95 20 - Fax : +33 (0)1 64 23 74 02www.miltonroymixing.comE-mail :

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