US adds Formaldehyde to list of carcinogens.

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The US government has added formaldehyde to a list of known carcinogens (substances directly involved in causing cancer). The report prepared for the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), contained warnings from scientists that people with higher exposure to formaldehyde were more at risk for nasopharyngeal cancer, myeloid leukemia and other forms of cancers.

'There is now sufficient evidence from studies in humans to show that individuals with higher measures of exposure to formaldehyde are at increased risk for certain types of rare cancers' the Report on Carcinogens said.

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical widely used to make resins for household items, such as composite wood products, paper product coatings, plastics, synthetic fibers, and textile finishes.

It is also commonly used as a preservative in medical laboratories, mortuaries, and some consumer products, including hair straightening products.

In small concentrations formaldehyde can irritate the eyes an mucus membranes, resulting in watery eyes, headache, a burning sensation in the throat, and difficulty breathing. Large formaldehyde exposures is converted to formic acid in the body, leading to a rise in blood acidity, rapid, shallow breathing, hypothermia, and coma or death.

PPM Technology have significant experience in the design and development of instruments for accurate detection and measurement of Formaldehyde.

Our Formaldemeter range of instruments has been in existence for over 10 years. We continuoulsy develop and improve the instruments to achieve better performance and features. Our latest instruments are the Formaldemeter htV-m and htV.

The Formaldemeter htV-m is able to accurately detect and monitor formaldehyde, temperature and humidity in real-time.  It can be used as a manual hand-held instrument or as a continuous monitoring device capable of up to one month of data-logging. Samples are taken automically based on a schedule specified by the user, alternatively samples can be taken in 'maunal mode' when user presses 'S' button.



The htV is a manual instrument which can take instantaneous single-point measurments of Formaldehyde, Temperature and Humidity. Both instruments can accuratly measure very low or extremly high concentration of formaldehyde.




Formaldemeter - Model htV-M Series - 3 Parameter Formaldehyde Detector and Monitor

3 Parameter Formaldehyde Detector and Monitor. The latest 3-parameter instrument from PPM Technology directly measures airborne formaldehyde concentrations as well as ambient temperature and humidity levels. Building on the technology developed in the popular Formaldemeter 400, with the addition of unique compensation techniques, the htV-m can now accurately measure very low and extremely high levels of formaldehyde. The htV-m can be used as a manual ...

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