600 Series - Green Machines

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600 Series - Green Machines

The 636 is an evolution of the highly-successful 525. It was designed for customers who wanted bigger payload and more suction power for picking up heavier debris.


The 636 had to be small enough and light enough to sweep sidewalks and paved areas.

It needed the sweeping performance and capacity previously only found in much bigger sweepers.

and it needed to travel from one job to another - quickly.

Pulling together nearly 40 years experience of outdoor sweeping machines and harnessing the power of the latest 3-D CAD and advanced manufacturing techniques, we believe we have evolved the most versatile smaller sweeper ever built.

Sidewalks, plazas, curblines, alleys, airport concourses, parking lots, residential neighborhoods, trails, parking garages, downtown districts, children's play areas... it is hard to think of an outdoor sweeping problem that the636HS can't handle....quickly, quietly and efficiently.

The numbers tell only half the story...

25 mph travel speed (where permitted), 1.33 cubic yard hopper, maximum 71' sweep path, stainless steel construction, rugged 4-wheel drive, 44' minimum width, two-thirds the turning radius of a 3-wheeled street sweeper

Applied Sweepers International
Applied Sweepers International
Falkirk , Scotland; FK2 7XE


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