Model 6500 - Thunderstorm Detector

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Model 6500 - Thunderstorm Detector

Lightning Detection Up To 200 nautical miles: The Model 6500 Thunderstorm Detector detects electrical discharges associated with lightning within a 200 nautical mile radius of the system. The Model 6500 is a passive lightning detection sensor that listens for electromagnetic signals with a receiving antenna. There is no transmitter, and so no harmful transmissions. Consisting of an antenna mounted to a 28' x 32' ground plane and a processor housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, the entire lightning detection package mounts simply to a 2.5' pipe (2.875' O.D.) using two U-bolts.

High Sensitivity Lightning Detection Antenna

The Model 6500's lightning detection antenna is a combined crossed-loop and sense antenna, which can correlate the electric and magnetic signatures of lightning strikes better than other systems due to its patented sense channel technology. The antenna has been designed to help filter out pulsed noise from sources other than lightning discharges.

On-Board Lightning Detection Data Processor

The Model 6500's lightning detection processor houses the data acquisition circuitry, along with circuitry to process lightning strike data and communicate with the AWOS Data Collection Platform (DCP). Communication with the DCP is via an RS-485 link.

Dependable Lightning Detection Data

The Model 6500's lightning detection antenna detects the electrical and magnetic fields generated by cloud-to-ground lightning that occurs within a 200 nautical mile radius of the antenna, and sends the resulting 'discharge signals' to the processor. The lightning detection processor digitizes, analyzes, and converts the discharge signals into range and bearing data, then stores the data in memory.

The DCP polls the lightning detection sensor every two seconds via a 2-wire RS-485 link. When polled, the sensor transmits a data package consisting of strike data and status information. When errors are detected, a command can be sent from the DCP requesting a complete error log from the sensor. This error log provides greater detail on the nature and severity of the error.

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