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Metrohm - Model MMS 5000 - Autosampler

by Metrohm AG

MMS 5000 Autosampler from Analytik Jena for use with the Metrohm Combustion IC for fully automatic analysis of liquid and solid samples. In order to match the modular Multi-Matrix sampler with the correct sample type, either the liquid kit (6.7303.000) or the solid kit (6.7302.000) must be used.

GE - Autosampler

by GE Analytical Instruments

The GE Autosampler succeeds the Sievers 900 Autosampler and features a robust new design for handling high-volume laboratory applications. The GE Autosampler easily integrates with the Sievers 900 Laboratory, 900 Portable, 900 Portable Turbo (in normal mode only), 5310 C Laboratory, and InnovOx Laboratory TOC Analyzers.

PLATINblue - Model AS-1 - Autosampler

by Knauer-Wissenschaftliche Gerätebau

The fast and extremely accurate UHPLC autosampler can handle pressures up to 1000 bar (15000 psi) for injection of samples from well plates and standard vials. Supports full and partial loopfill injection as well as “microliter-pickup” for flexible selection of injection volumes. The tray cooling option allows for analysis of ...

Star - Model 9100 - Autosampler

by Hamilton Company

The Star 9100 Autosampler (low volume-low waste) is a stand alone instrument that may be interfaced with a broad range of liquid chromatographs. Up to 105 samples with as many as 8 injections per vial can be accommodated. Single or multiple wash cycles with programmable volumes insure minimal cross-contamination from sample to sample.

Model ASP 960 - Autosampler

by Duratech

This gantry-style, cartesian robot automates the handling of sample tubes and vials for use in numerous laboratory applications. It features a fail-safe custom tube gripper, an adjustable shelf and an easy-to-use interface. The ASP 960 uses a 9-pin serial port for RS-232 communications with a computer and is available for standard tube sizes from ...

Model 7510-AS - Autosampler

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

The Agilent 7510-AS Autosampler is capable of running up to twelve unattended, high resolution samples with random access to all sample locations. The autosampler's air-actuated drive mechanism is compatible with even the highest magnetic field strength and sensors to verify the sample location. The sample holder is easily removed from its base, ...

Dynamic Headspace - Model 8400 - Autosampler

by CDS Analytical

The Model 8400 is a four-position autosampler for dynamic headspace. The instrument runs in multi-vessel mode, where each vessel is assigned its own time and temperature parameters. Pushing the start key automatically activates a synchronized GC cycle time, so samples that follow do not lay on the trap for a prolonged period. Bake cycles can be ...

Agilent - Model 7693A GC - Autosampler

by Quantum Analytics

The Agilent 7693A ALS ushers in a new era of productivity, performance, and flexibility. The 7693A builds on the proven Agilent autosampler technologies that have worked reliably for customers in the past, including dual simultaneous injection and patented fast injection. But the 7693A takes it one step further – adding basic sample ...

FTS - Model (SDI-12) - Autosampler Interface Controller

by FTS

The unique FTS autosampler interface controller is a custom-designed interface used to communicate between the Axiom datalogger / DCP and ISCO automatic water samplers. The interface converts SDI-12 commands sent from the datalogger to an appropriate signal format to control the water sampler. It's a key component in our SedEvent event-triggered ...

Model EL3000A - Liquid Autosamplers

by Ellutia

EL3000A is an automatic liquid autosampler designed for gas-chromatographic techniques, that takes advantage of today's latest technology to deliver reliability, performance and flexibility. The EL3000A is the one of the most compact autosampler on the market, with a near-to-zero requirement for bench space, while offering a top-class sample ...

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