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SPIRA-CEL - Walter Filtration Spiral Wound Modules


Spiral wound modules have a great variety of potential combi¬nations and consequently this module type is the most widely installed in filtration plants.They are used in applications ranging from the and the pharmaceutical industry to environmental and biotechnologi-cal processes. The modules are used to separate particles like ...

Fermantation - The core process in Biotechnology


Fermentation is the production of substances by the action of yeasts, bacteria or cells. These processes are well established and understood in the production of pharmaceuticals and the food industry. In addition, fermentation processes have gained in importance in the so-called 'white' or industrial biotechnology for the production of enzymes, ...

Bacta-Pur Bio-augmen-tation

by Paradise Distributors Northwest

Bacta-Pur biotechnological products contain communities of beneficial microorganisms for biodegradation of hydrocarbons, sludge reduction, BOD and grease removal, nitrification and denitrification.


by SBM Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik Ges.m.b.H.

The SBM rubber stopper treatment unit, Type Lavotherm GWS, is designed for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnological and rubber stoppers producing industries for cleaning, siliconizing, sterilization of rubber stoppers, plungers, etc. The LAVOTHERM GWS is available in seven different sizes for stopper volumes from 30 up to 300 litres.

MBC - Multiple Bolt Sanitary Closure

by Continental Disc Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation's MBC Multiple Bolt Sanitary Closure is a highly durable sanitary clamping device for securing vessel and piping connections in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, beverage, fine chemical, and other sanitary type environments. The MBC is a multibolt clamp design featuring four stainless steel bolts and nuts ...

DRANCO Technology

by Organic Waste Systems

The DRANCO process is an advanced biotechnological process for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective treatment of organic waste, such as municipal waste or other organic wastes. With its long experience and its extended reference list, the DRANCO process is a well-known and reliable anaerobic digestion technology. The DRANCO technology is ...


by SBM Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik Ges.m.b.H.

The TURBOTHERM sterilizer, type SDT, is a highly sophisticated sterilizer designed for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry for production, laboratory and R & D applications. The TURBOTHERM is designed to sterilize porous load according to the vacuum process as well as liquids in open, semi-sealed or closed containers ...


by SBM Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik Ges.m.b.H.

The VAKUTHERM sterilizer, type ADV, is designed for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry for production, laboratory and R & D applications. The standard VAKUTHERM is designed for porous loads according to the vacuum process but a comprehensive range of optional accessories allows the client to flexibly configure the ...

Model R-PAC - Random Tower Packing

by ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH

ENVIMAC's high-efficiency random packing R-PAC is a cylindrical packing, which was especially developed for the separation of gas/liquid from aggressive media, for direct heat and mass transfer for biotechnological processes as well as for liquid/liquid extraction. In comparison with classical random packings, R-PAC, which is made of vitrified ...

Nordic Scientific - Ice Flaking Machine

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB

An automatic Ice machine for your hygienic Ice flakes requirement in research laboratories, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical, biotechnological and hotel industries. The machine utilizes running tap water and converts it in the form of ice flakes continuously. It is a compact, self contained unit, covering less floor area & easily ...

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