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InPro - Model 8100 - Turbidity Sensors for Biotechnological Applications

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND

The InPro 8100 turbidity sensor is used for the measurement of turbidity in biotechnological applications - typically biomass growth in fermenters (cell density). A system is completed with a Trb8300 transmitter and an appropriate sensor housing from the InFit or InTrac family.

Model MDQ - Beckman P/ace System

by McKinley Scientific     based in Sparta, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Beckman P/ace System MDQ is a capillary electrophoresis system It is ideal for research, methods development, and quality control applications. The system can be rapidly reconfigured from a flexible research platform to a tightly regulated routine use platform. Capillary electrophoresis is utilized in many different industries, ...

BioRad - Model 583 - Electrophoresis Gel Dryer

by McKinley Scientific     based in Sparta, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The BioRad 583 Electrophoresis Gel Dryer consists of a lid with a heating element, a transparent rubber sealing gasket, and a porous gel support through which the vacuum is applied.

Biotron Biometra - Model TRIO - Thermoblock Heat Cycler

by McKinley Scientific     based in Sparta, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Biotron Biometra TRIO Thermoblock Heat Cycler is being sold with a Trio-HD Heated Lid.

Sugar-Rich Raw Materials

by EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH     based in Rudolstadt, GERMANY

We don't just build sugar refineries, we also take care of the byproducts.

Industrial (White) Biotechnology

by Linde AG, Engineering Division     based in Pullach, GERMANY

In White Biotechnology, industrial production takes advantage of the toolkit of nature. Across many industry sectors, this technology gains more and more importance. Generally, Industrial Biotechnology is applied wherever it is economically superior to purely chemical processes – due to the utilisation of renewable resources as well as its ...


by The North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC)     based in Cleveland, UNITED KINGDOM

Biotechnology – from humble beginnings based on fermentation processes used to make foods, alcoholic drinks, antibiotics and more recently, speciality chemicals – the world of biotechnology has transformed. We now have new biotechnology – or rather a collection of technologies based on cellular and biomolecular processes used to make new products ...


by Biower Oy     based in Helsinki, FINLAND

Our new, innovative wastewater treatment technology is based on a Rotating Bed (RB) bioreactor with specialised bacteria growing on carrier elements consisting of plastic granules. The bacteria decompose any chemicals and other impurities contained in the ambient water. Inside the reactors the carrier element is kept in a continuous rotary motion ...

Industrial Biotechnology

by DuPont     based in DELAWARE (USA)

Industrial biotechnology holds great promise to solve global challenges, offering new potential for meeting the world's demand for food, feed, fuel, materials, and more while reducing our impact on the environment. At DuPont, we develop industrial biotechnology solutions with a commitment to uncompromised product performance and a desire to obtain ...

BioNutraTech - Bioremediation Biotechnology

by BioNutraTech, Inc.     based in Porter, TEXAS (USA)

Nature knows how to heal itself from both natural and man-made mishaps through biodegradation, the world’s oldest cleaner. Biodegradation is the natural process whereby microorganisms alter and break down organic molecules. Natural communities of microbes are amazingly versatile. They can carry out biodegradation in almost every type of ...

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