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AdvanCheK - Pipeline

The AdvanCheK Pipeline can inspect pumped products at a high throughput rate of up to 10 tonnes per hour for liquids, slurries and semi-solids and up to 9 tonnes per hour for meat and poultry without any damage to the product.

Fully adjustable flow rate
The system’s flow rate and reject timings are fully adjustable to match the customers flow rate for optimal productivity.

Auto test facility option
It features an auto test contaminant option removing the need to carry out initial testing, where a contaminant sample such as a stainless steel sphere moves through the x-ray beam and verifies the detection levels. This eliminates the need to insert a test contaminant piece into the pipe itself, saving product waste, cost and time.

The AdvankChek Pipeline is a functionally rich x-ray system featuring e.g.:

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Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc
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