- Hydro Auto-Matic Gravity Filters

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AKV - Hydro Auto-Matic Gravity Filters

The ( HGF ) Gravity Filter is suitable for practically all filtration tasks, and its uses include, for example, partial flow cooling water filtration, river, industrial and potable water treatment, iron removal from well water, waste water purification to reduce suspended solids, COD - BOD 5 and phosphate content (4th purification stage), etc.

The hydro-automatic gravity filter based on the polymer floating media is a superior alternative to heavy media filters in water treatment applications.

The two most important advantages of the hydro-automatic gravity filter are the floating capacity of the filtering media and the hydro-automatic backwash function, which bring along both an improvement of the overall working characteristics of the system and a significant reduction in capital, operational and maintenance costs.

Specific physical properties of the polymer floating filtering media ( PFFM) made it possible to prolong the filtration cycle and to considerably reduce duration of the backwash process, thus bringing losses of treated water to the minimum.

The backwash process in units with polymer filtering media self-adjusts to changing contaminants loads in feed water without any operator’s intervention. Therefore, the process produces stable and repetitive results.

Quality backwash of polymer filtering media is achieved without use of air and in a much shorter period comparing to sand media. During the backwash, the filter bed is expanded by 30-70%, and the combination of a downward gravity flow of water and upward movement of floating media produce a vigorous agitation/scrubbing effect resulting in the fast (up to 3 minutes) regeneration of the filtering media.

The polymer filtering media is chemically and physically stable, works in a wide range of temperatures and pH, and is very easy to handle and store.

The “automation” of the polymer media filtration process is based entirely on gravity force and difference of water levels with no electronic or moving parts involved. Therefore, the process is extremely reliable, durable and virtually maintenance-free.

Absence of additional equipment (pumps, compressors, flow meters, controllers or display equipment for filtration and back washing, or final-rinse functions, etc.) in the polymer media filtration process leads to a small size of the filtration unit. Furthermore, the filtration unit itself does not consume any electricity. Electricity is supplied only to the feed pump (well pump in case of ground water).

Hydro-automatic floating filters can be fabricated in non-specialised conditions of an ordinary metal workshop. Only a few types of materials are required: carbon steel sheet (or plastic sheet), carbon steel pipes, metal or plastic net, reinforced round bar and carbon steel angle – all of which are inexpensive and widely available. The process of fabrication is very simple and straightforward, and does not require highly skilled or specially trained labour. The small size and absence of electric components also contribute into the appreciably low fabrication costs.

The hydro-automatic gravity filter s have been used in USA, Australia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine in the following applications:

  • Removal of very high (up to 75 mg/l), moderate and low concentrations of iron, manganese, color, turbiditys;
  • Biological treatment systems;
  • Purification of water from heavy metals, oil and etc;
  • Water softening;
  • Water preparation and purification for river water, of underground and industrial water;
  • In sewerage systems;

Technical specifications of the “ HGF ”systems

  • Rate of water filtration: from 1.0 m/hour to 10 m/hour
  • Height: from 2.5 m. (standard) to 3.5 m. ( individual)
  • Top height of piping: 2.6 m. (standard) to 4.2 – 5.8 m. ( individual)
  • Consumption of water for backwash: 0.8 %(standard) to 3.5 % of the daily flow capacity
  • Duration of backwash: 75 – 240 seconds.
  • Mode of operation: Continuous or periodic.
  • Automatic operation controls and filtrate quality controls: Hydroautomatic.


  1. The filter is very inexpensive and easy to fabricate from only a few types of local materials
  2.  The filter works fully hydro automatically and requires no external intervention
  3. Very low failure factor due to absence of mechanical or electrical devices
  4. Very low maintenance
  5. Combined continuous removal of iron, dissolved gasses, suspended solids and turbidity
  6. The system operation self-adapts to changing contaminant loadings
  7. A very small amount of water is required for backwash
  8. No electricity consumed in the process
  9. No moving or rotating parts are used in the process
  10. No electronic devices are used in the process
  11. No valves are used in the process
  12.  All processes are controlled and driven by the filter itself
  13. No parts or elements to be replaced on a regular basis
  14. No sheltering required in all weather conditions
  15. Filtering media has a life-span of over 25 years
  16. The plant is extremely resilient to physical mishandling
  17. The volume of water required for back washing is held in the storage area inside the filter, which means there is no need for a back washing pump
  18. Backwash function is based entirely on gravity force and difference of water levels
  19. The filter backwash is self-regulating
  20. No specialised equipment is required for the construction of the plant
  21. Quick construction and commissioning
  22. Affordability
PWC, Pure Water Corporation
PWC, Pure Water Corporation
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