- Alumininium 0-0.5mg/l, Pocket Kit

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Palintest - Alumininium 0-0.5mg/l, Pocket Kit
Palintest Pocket Kits provide an inexpensive range of simple to use test kits for individual test parameters. The pocket kits provide a quick check method for the most commonly carried out water tests. These kits, which are all based on tablet reagents, use a variety of test procedures - colour match methods using the unique Palintest ‘TestCard’ with transparent colour standards, tablet count and turbidity methods. Pocket kits are particularly suitable for casual or occasional users where most other kits cannot be justified, or where the precision of more sophisticated equipment is not required. These economically priced kits will be of particular interest to companies marketing water treatment systems to domestic or industrial users. The kits are ideal for inclusion with such systems or for marketing to users of such equipment. Pocket kits can be supplied in bulk quantities for such applications. • Ideal for intermittent or occasional use • Cont. Sufficient reagents for up to 50 tests
DelAgua Group
DelAgua Group
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