- Ambient Air Passive Sampler

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Ogawa - Ambient Air Passive Sampler

Ambient Air Passive Sampler for NO-NO2, NOx, SO2, O3, NH3. The Ogawa Sampler is ideal for low-cost air monitoring programs, personal, outdoors and indoors. The only known method of passive simultaneous monitoring of NO & NO2. The Ogawa Sampler is reusable countless times. Only the pre-coated filter pad is expendable. The same sampler is used for all above shown gases.


1. End Cap

2. Stainless Steel Screen

3. Pre-Coated Collection Pad

4. Retainer Ring

5. Inner Base Pad

6. Sampler Body

Ogawa & Company, USA, Inc.
Ogawa & Company, USA, Inc.
1230 S.E. 7th Avenue
Pompano Beach ,  FL 33060


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  1. I am interested in gaining a exclusively representative from your company and introduce and distribute your products in Iran. I have received my PhD in environmental chemistry and am experienced in air pollution monitoring. Almost all of DOEs and universities know me. I am looking forward to hearing you soon. My company is Isfahan Paria Company.

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