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Modular potentiostatic combined measuring cells for disinfection. For chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone combined potentiostatic measuring cells of type AquaCell have been developed, with an electric cleaning motor or with hydromechanical electrode cleaning. Applications: Our sensors are specifically designed for water treatment and disinfection: drinking water, swimming pool water, industrial process and waste water, CIP applications, bottle washing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Proven potentiostatic three-electrode measuring method directly in the sample water 
  • Optimized electrode cleaning 
  • Integrated filter cartridge and regulating device 
  • Integrated temperature measurement 
  • Special measuring chamber with calibration cup for pH single-rod probe and redox electrode 
  • Very good flow characteristics 
  • Easy to maintain construction 
  • Nonwearing measuring and counter electrode 
  • Easy exchange of the reference electrode 
  • Conversion from hydromechanical to motorical cleaning is possible at any time with a conversion set
Grundfos Alldos
Grundfos Alldos
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