- ACF / OC Microbe Odor Reduction

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AquaClean - ACF / OC Microbe Odor Reduction

AQUACLEAN/OC is designed specifically for the control of gaseous odorous reaction in contained wastewater systems, to include waste sumps, re- circulation cleaning systems, storage lagoons and wastewater biological systems. AQUACLEAN/OC is a highly active microbial-based formulation that contains proprietary ingredients that function as reactive collection sites. These reactive compounds act as macromolecular sponges blocking and permanently binding biological produced odorous reaction, stopping odor in its tracks.

Odor-Controller - A microbial based odor control agent

This novel microbial-based odor abatement process also speeds the biological oxidation process of slow to degrade organic matter in all wastewater systems (ponds, lagoons and wastewater retention tanks) resulting in improved water quality. AQUACLEAN/OC has shown to control most if not all biological produced odor production, as well as enhance essential biological oxidation and removal of organic waste solids in the range of 40% to 80% over historical system performance.

AQUA-CLEAN/OC contains only active natural organic based humates and humic constituents. These natural reactive compounds consist of most, if not all of the biological compounds synthesized by living organisms, including plants. Humas is known to include a broad spectrum of organic constituents, many of which have their counterparts in biological tissue. These natural compounds have shown to significantly speed the microbial response to difficult to degrade organic matter. This enhanced microbial response has resulted in significant reduction in sludge volumes via the rapid oxidation of many non- biodegradable and slow to degrade organic compounds.

AQUA-CLEAN/Ind-OC promotes enhanced (rapid) microbial oxidation of waste matter, significantly increasing organic degradation performance. This novel microbial accelerator may be used in conjunction with AQUA-CLEAN bacterial cultures to improve overall system performance in all types of wastewater processes. This combination speeds the overall biological oxidation of BOD, COD and sludge accumulations such as difficult to degrade compounds, fatty acids, hydrocarbons and fibrous matter (it was designed to promote rapid solids removal).


  • Un-reactive lignin and fulvic acids
  • Humic compounds and natural soil microorganisms
  • Humic based cellular material function as microbial accelerators
  • Most if not all required microbial nutrients
  • Natural nutrients & micronutrients
  • Select sport forming Bacillus microorganisms non - pathogens


  • Use at 5 to 20/ppm, based on daily flow or system volume, for enhanced performance treat contained waters and daily flow
  • Use 10 to 30 ppm for odor control, as shown above
  • Add directly to the inlet of the system being treated
  • Use with AQUA-CLEAN bacterial cultures for improved results

Odor Abatement

AQUACLEAN/OC contains natural cellular constituents that include un-reacted lignin compounds that permanently bind odorous compounds on contact. Stopping biological gaseous reactions such as H2S on contact, reducing associated biological gaseous reactions, as well as associated corrosion.


  • Eliminates and Controls odor
  • Improves water clarity
  • Improves solids settling
  • Reduces organic matter
  • Reduces BOD, COD, and SS

Product Specifications

  • Appearance Dark free flowing liquid
  • Specific Gravity 1.04
  • Color Brackish to Black
  • pH 6.9 to 7.2'Natural Range'
  • Odor Earthy/Musty

Product Specifications

Appearance Dark free flowing liquid

Specific Gravity 1.04

Color Brackish to Black

pH 6.9 to 7.2'Natural Range'

Odor Earthy/Musty

Storage/Handling - Do Not Freeze, store in cool dry place.

Warning: Avoid excessive contact with skin, wash hands after use; may irritate eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes. Do not take internally.

AQUACLEAN/OC contains naturally occurring non-toxic microorganisms, environmentally safe for wastewater systems; will not harm humans, animals or aquatic life. See MSDS for product data. AQUACLEAN/OC is designed for use in biological wastewater systems by environmental wastewater service professionals.

Use AQUACLEAN/OC to achieve optimum stable nitrification and with AQUACLEAN/IND Series bacterial cultures to achieve optimum system performance. A Natural Solution and the best system performance insurance money can buy.

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