- Blended Phosphate Water Treatment

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Aquadene - Blended Phosphate Water Treatment

Pristine’s Aquadene Series of blended phosphate products are widely recognized as the technological benchmark in the municipal drinking water industry. These NSF certified products are designed for use in municipal drinking water distribution systems to provide compliance with lead and copper regulations, reduce scaling, and sequester iron and manganese.


  • Reduced reversion rates
  • Forms monomolecular film to inhibit corrosion
  • Restricts oxygen permeation and hydrogen generation
  • Effective in multi-metal systems
  • Available in liquid or dry form
  • ANSI/NSF standard 60 certified production
  • Used in public drinking water for more than 50 years
  • Protects water distribution systems from related repair and maintenance expenses
  • Reduces lead and copper leaching to comply with 1991 lead and copper rule
  • Complete laboratory water analysis available

Application/Industries Served

  • Sequestering iron and manganese in municipal drinking water systems
  • Inhibiting scale formation in municipal drinking water systems
  • Reducing lead and copper leaching in municipal drinking water systems
  • Hydrant flushing programs

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