Archimedean Screw Turbines

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Archimedean Screw Turbines

Since ancient times, the hydropower screw has been known as an 'Archimedean screw'. The key factor with it, is that the reversal of its function provides an efficient means of saving energy. The REHART GROUP hydropower plants are exceptionally cost-effective, due to their price-performance ratio compared with more powerful but very expensive turbines; their efficiency is also significantly better than turbines and conventional water wheels, especially when operating with partial loads. Even minimal potential for hydropower can thus be exploited in this way.

We are able to process from 0,1 to 10 cubic metres per second with a screw diameter of 4 metres. Our designers can design 'REHART hydropower installations' to meet customers' requirements with either three, four or five gears.

Applications for 'REHART Archimedean screw turbines'

Our screws can be used

  • to replace small turbine plants in need of overhaul
  • to replace water wheels in need of refurbishment
  • as clear water outlets in waste water treatment plants
  • to utilise residual water in weir systems
  • to utilise water power on former irrigation weirs

The benefits to you at a glance

  • Very cost-effective compared with turbines and water wheels
  • Better efficiency with partial loads than comparable water sheels and turbines
  • Simple to use, install and maintain
  • No complex excavations
  • Durable bearings thanks to low speed
  • Robust, wear-resistant and reliable
  • Fine screen not required; resistant to flotsam and compatible with fish
  • Can be used with a head as low as 1 metre and flow as little as 0,1m³/s
  • Screws can be coated with the highly wear-resistant 'nanoseal' ceramic composite material

We are there for you

  • We can project manage and complete 'turnkey' hydropower installations or plants to meet specific customer requirements and thus can provide full service from one source.
  • We can perform water volume and height measurements on smaller bodies of water for professional initial analysis.
  • You will receive a detailed preliminary costing including all of the relevant technical data (on request also with cost effectiveness analysis).
  • We will assist you when applying for water rights and will support you throughout the process leading up to approval.
  • We manufacture solely in Ehingen/Bavaria.
  • Rehart leases water rights and installs Rehart systems there. After several years without investment by the operator, the landowner or owner of the water rights will receive back the water rights.
  • We increase, from the outset, the lifespan of your screw by applying special coatings, and are pleased to do so, if required, on site.
  • We produce screws and drives for incorporation in concrete vessels and supply screws with steel vessels for post-casting and compact plants.
  • We manufacture the most diverse bearings for all types of screws:
  • We construct and supply screw blades to replace worn blades, with diameters ranging from 400-4000 mm.
  • We produce drive elements as replacement parts for all hydropower and water lifting screws.
  • RAL finishes on request
Industriestraße 1
Ehingen , 91725; 91725


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