- Model 300GM - Fluorometer for General Purpose Uranium Analyzer

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ATS - Model 300GM - Fluorometer for General Purpose Uranium Analyzer

The science behind this instrument has been proven in the field for decades; it was previously known as the Jarrell-Ash 300G-M (Galvanek - Morrison) Fluorometer. Today, this fluorescence based instrument, has kept the original base of analysis, yet comes into the 21st century with advanced PCB internal hardware/software that makes this uranium analyzer ideal for critical prospecting, environmental testing and clinical analysis, as it can detect traces of uranium from a parts-per million to a parts-per trillion level!.

The ATS 300GM has been specially developed to provide laboratories with an analyzer that is simple to use, yet offers very fast, very accurate and repeatable analyses.

This versatile instrument is the ideal tool for environmental studies, pollution control and health checks for people in high risk environments. The ATS 300GM comes in three different models;

  1. General purpose (1ppm to over 800ppm) with an external strip-paper printer,
  2. Wide Range - 1ppm to over 800ppm with PC connectivity
  3. High sensitivity - ppm down to below 10 ppb with PC connectivity.

Either unit can either be supplied to run on 110VAC OR 230VAC - 50/60Hz.

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