- Model BABY Series - Decanter Centrifuges

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Pieralisi - Model BABY Series  - Decanter Centrifuges

The Baby Series decanter centrifuges provide solutions to all technological problems of solid-liquid and solid-liquid-liquid separation.



They are fitted with the following standard design features:

  • casing/frame design ensuring minimum levels of vibrations and extra-low noise levels;
  • slenderness ratio up to 4.30:1, providing very large clarification length and volume, a remarkable advantage for processing;
  • vibration sensing and monitoring system;
  • stainless-steel of a high chemical-mechanical quality, according to processing requirements for all parts in contact with the product treated;
  • wear-protection in accordance with the level of abrasion of the suspensions treated, e.g. with sintered Tungsten Carbide segments on the bowl coil, very hard materials for product feed zone and cake discharge (easily repositioned and/or replaced);
  • fully-electrical drive system with intelligent power flow by means of Rotovariator (PIERALISI patent) for automatic operations with automatic operations with minimum energy consumption;
  • vibration isolating elements with high damping efficiency;
  • control and monitoring system measuring the key processing values for the machine.

Baby 1

Total length [mm]: 1660
Total width [mm]: 780
Total height [mm]: 1095

Baby 2

Total length [mm]: 1860
Total width [mm]: 780
Total height [mm]: 1095

Baby 3

Total length [mm]: 2060
Total width [mm]: 780
Total height [mm]: 1095

Pieralisi Group
Pieralisi Group
Via Don Battistoni 1,
Jesi , Ancona; 60035


Sludge reduction for municipal wastewater treatment

The wide range of Pieralisi decanters is in fact successfully used by over 15,000 customers around the world for the volume reduction of biological and physical/chemical sludge of both Municipal and Industrial origin.



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