- MAX Series - Easy And Cost-Effective Disinfection Of Water Systems

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BacTerminator - MAX Series - Easy And Cost-Effective Disinfection Of Water Systems

Treats on-line water flows from 4.000 - 150.000 L/hour. The MAX series consists of scalable units, each unit (MAX 10) treats 10.000 L/hour. One BacTerminator MAX 10 treats water in water buffer tank / closed water system up to 50.000 L by recirculating the partial volume 10.000 L/hour Available in Non-Food and F=Food model with optional D=Decalc module for treatment of hard and semihard water

Bacteria in process water systems are common. Using the BacTerminator® water disinfection system in your process water operations will
  • Improve water hygiene and quality
  • Improve health and safety in your working environment
  • Reduce the risk of product contamination
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for biocide addition
  • Reduce microbial corrosion
  • Reduce the time and cost spend on cleaning and servicing your process water system
  • Enable process water to be reused



BacTerminator® uses the principle of electrolysis for disinfection. By electrolyzing the feed water, BacTerminator® generates a powerful mixture of biocides in the disinfection chamber. This ensures a high rate of disinfection, with a very low residual concentration of biocides.

The BacTerminator® technology has several benefits, including:

  • No need to add chemicals to the disinfection process
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications



Flow rate:
MAX series: 0-150m³/h – depending on
model, each MAX unit treats 10m³/h

Pressurized feed water or integrated pump
Touch-screen PLC operation
IP65 protection

Options :
Available with decalcification system
Available in hygienic design
Available with chlorine monitoring system
Avaliable with remote surveillance
Available with several filter options
Available with chloride booster option

Requirements for feed water:

All versions:
Fresh water or process water
Filtered to: <1mm
Conductivity : >200μS/cm
Chloride level: >10mg/L
Ambient temperature: 5-40°C

Chloride booster versions:
Filtered to: <1mm
Ambient temperature: 5-40°C

Note: high NVOC/COD content may reduce efficiency

Electrical Specifications
Standby use <100W for all models

Adept Water Technologies A/S
Adept Water Technologies A/S
Diplomvej 373
Lyngby 2800 Kgs


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