- Model HV - Ballistic Separator

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Ball-Sort - Model HV - Ballistic Separator
The BAL-SORT HV spearheads the development of ballistic separators when it comes to sorting heavy waste. Household waste, commercial waste or pre-crushed building waste – nearly all materials can be processed with the help of the BALL-SORT HV. Its use is limited to a maximum weight of 30 kg per piece. However, the BAL-SORT HV is also suited to process pre-crushed material, such as building waste, containing large amounts of organic materials and stones.

The separation into rolling and flat elements – or into the additionally definable screen fraction – is carried out with the utmost reliability and efficiency. Depending on the type of material and its texture, it is possible to reach a sorting purity of up to 98 % at a throughput of up to 100 m³/h.

For many years now, the ballistic separation of waste has been the most efficient method to pre-sort and prepare materials that are to be sorted in order to achieve optimum material flows for the subsequent sorting processes:

The rolling fraction usually comprises three-dimensional elements. This includes e.g. wood, stones, foam, bottles and containers that are, due to the ballistic effect, ejected on the bottom side of the machine.

The flat fraction consists, above all, of instable, partially also of stable, but flat parts. This includes e.g. foils, packages, paper, cardboard, floor coverings and wallpapers which are thrown out at the top end of the machine. These parts can counterbalance the force due to gravity and they are thus able to “climb” upwards on the screen mesh.

Three-dimensional elements on the other hand roll and jump downwards and can thus be separated from flat components with the highest sorting purity.

Depending on the material, the field of application and the particle size, the BALL-SORT HV can be equipped with different screen meshes. Mesh sizes between 20 and 80 mm are available.

A screen mesh is used to reliably separate small spurious particles that are smaller than the mesh size used.

Due to its rugged design and the use of durable steels for the machine's frame, the paddles and the screen meshes, a long service life is guaranteed.

The machine's construction is based upon the constantly increasing requirements for the sorting of heavy material fractions into rolling and flat components.

As is the case with the BALL-SORT HT and WT series, the BAL-SORT HV is also equipped with the proven and patented eccentric crankshaft.
The heart of the machine – i.e. the two crankshafts – bases upon a new modular generation of double eccentric bearings that distinguish themselves by their unprecedented service life and low operating costs.

The shock absorbers that are integrated between the crankshafts and the paddles reduce loads and shocks to as low a level as possible. In order to facilitate the maintenance procedure, all bearings can be provided with a central lubrication system.

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