BeachTech Marina

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BeachTech Marina

The BeachTech Marina is tractor and beach cleaner all-in-one. It is especially designed for cleaning small and medium-sized beaches with hard-to-reach corners, tight turns and a need to clean in between rows of lounge chairs and sun shades. All with our patented raking, screening and combined cleaning technique.

The innovative concept of the BeachTech Marina brings new standards of agility and manoeuvrability to the market of beach cleaners. With its hydrostatic all-wheel-drive and articulated front and rear wheel steering, the BeachTech Marina beach cleaner has a small turning radius of only 1.85 m and can easily clean around almost any object on the beach. The hydraulically adjustable finisher follows the cleaned beach track for a perfect finish.

It gets anywhere: The BeachTech Marina beach cleaner features a powerful 42 hp turbo diesel engine, a hydrostatic all-wheel-drive, separately controlled differential lock and special low ground pressure sand tires. A multi-functional designed beach cleaning machine with a two-seat driver cabin. The BeachTech Marina is an all-purpose vehicle: beach cleaning, pulling, pushing - all are no problem!

The robust overall construction is especially designed for the constant exposure of the beach cleaners to the sun, salt water and spray. The most important components will stay intact for the complete lifetime as they are treated to resist corrosion: galvanized and covered with a double layer of acrylic paint.

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG / BeachTech
Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG / BeachTech
Kässbohrerstrasse 11
Laupheim , 88471; 88471

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