- Development of Our Synergistic System

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BioBoost - Development of Our Synergistic System

Sea-Chem acquired the formulae for Sea Power 101 in 2007. However, even armed with this amazing, proven product, we still felt there was considerable room for improvement. We wanted to create a comprehensive treatment system that would revolutionise the way that bioremediation is carried out, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and relaiblity.

Given that the micronutrients within Sea Power 101 could bring dormant soil bacteria back to life, we wondered what the effect might be if we mixed billions of specially chosen microbes in with the seaweed prior to application. Previous attempts to remediate contaminated soil using 'bioaugmentation' were blighted by the fact that 98% of new bacteria died within the first twenty-four hours. Sea Power 101 offered a solution.

Sea-Chem therefore set about developing a bacteria augment to be combined with Sea Power 101. In 2008, BioBoost was born. Combining eleven different species of bacteria, each specially chosen for its ability to target and digest certain types of hydrocarbons, BioBoost is a fine, dry powder containing billions of individual colony-forming units. It also contains new strains of pseudomonas bacteria that are effective against BTEX, some of the most stubborn and deadly hydrocarbon compounds. Furthermore, the bacteria strains we included within BioBoost were much more resilient than in existing bioaugmentation products: these microbes could operate in pH environments between 5.0 and 10.0 and in temperatures between 5 and 55°C.

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