Biowaste Treatment - Bio-waste to Energy

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Biowaste Treatment - Bio-waste to Energy

Cambi provides bio-waste plants that are focused on maximising biogas production and minimising final product mass. Because waste quality can differ to a significant degree, our systems are designed to handle a wide variety of conditions. Our patented process meets existing environmental requirements, including the Animal By-Products Regulation (ABPR, 1774/2002/EC) category II & III materials.

What is THP?

  • Cambi’s patented Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) treats municipal and industrial waste prior to anaerobic digestion.
  • Most conventional biogas technologies operates with 70°C.
  • The Cambi process treats the organic matter at 165-170°C, dissolving it into an easily digestible feed for biogas production by anaerobic digestion, while destroying any harmful organisms (pathogens).
  • The THP is highly energy-efficient with low operating costs. It also eliminates odour problems associated with the treatment of organic materials.
  • The end product (digestate) – a pathogen free and pasteurised biosolids – can be applied to land directly, composted or dried.

Why THP?

  • Optimal return on investment
  • Thermal Hydrolysis Process increases biogas production
  • Energy can be converted into electrical power, combined heat & power, compressed biogas (CBG) or upgraded to vehicle fuel quality that meets existing and proposed standards
  • Pathogen-free and pasteurised biosolids for agricultural uses that satisfy all existing and proposed standards
  • Pre-treatment system designed for maximum flexibility
  • Less space required than for conventional systems


  • Significantly increased biogas production.
  • All Cambi plants have closed systems to minimize all potential adverse odour.
  • The biogas can also be upgraded and utilised as renewable vehicle fuel exhaust heat is used to provide all or most of the steam needed in theTHP process.
  • The biogas can also be upgraded and used as renewable vehicle fuel.
  • Higher digestion rate and maximised dry solids digestion (10-12% DS feed).
  • THP is designed to effectively treat an extensive variety almost all types of bio-waste.
  • The process can also treat a wide variety of biological wastes, including categories II and III animal by-products. Cambi has installed two plants for the treatment of household waste and industrial food waste.
  • Both plants are located in Norway.
  • The thermal hydrolysis process is also operative in 18 commercial sludge treatment plants around the world and 7 more in construction.
  • Pathogen-free nutritious fertiliser produced from biowaste can be used as a fertiliser in agriculture, or as an organic soil improver.

Process Flow

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