CastoMAG 45250

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CastoMAG 45250

Solid-wire, gas-shielded continuous electrode for joining applications on a wide range of non-alloy and low-alloy steels, including: St33 and St52 plate; fine-grain steels, C15 and C22 steels; tube steels, marine construction steels A, B, C, D; boiler steels HI, HII, HIII, HIV; and cast steels GS38 and GS52.

Technical Data

  • Tensile strength Rm: 560 N/mm 2
  • Elongation A5: 24%
  • Hardness (as deposited): 180 HB

Features and Benefits

  • High deposition rate, reduced welding time
  • Very low dilution, particularly in pulsed mode
  • Eliminates common solid-wire welding problems, such as sticking and incomplete fusion
Castolin Eutectic
Castolin Eutectic
Ch. de la Venoge 7
St-Sulpice , CH-1025; VD

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