Coalescing Oil/Water Separators

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Coalescing Oil/Water Separators

Enprotec Oil Water Separators are well recognized throughout the world. Enprotec provides four products for oil water separation.'
Enprotec oil coalescers contain special oleophillic media packs that attract oil and repel water. Coalescers are at least ten times more efficient for oil removal than simple API separation tanks. Acidulated animal fats, immiscible solvents, hydrocarbon oil, surfactants, diesel fuel, gasoline, lube oils, etc. with relatively low total suspended solids can be separated in the coalescer. High temperature alkaline cleaners can be processed through the coalescer for free oil removal and reuse.


Enprotec coalescers offer the following features:

  • Flows from 3 to 3,000 GPM
  • Effluent quality to less than 10 mg/l free, non-emulsified oil remaining
  • Removes oil droplets to 20 microns or less (droplet size limit of emulsion)
  • Recovered oil typically less than 1% water
  • Can handle up to 100% influent oil on a continuous basis
  • Easily cleaned with bottom hoppers to allow solids to settle out of the media
  • Special media available - corrugated PVC, vertical perforated polypropylene tubes
  • Compact size, minimum floor space

Air Flotation

As an alternative to coalescers and very effective alternative is the wastewater also includes suspended solids, is the use of air flotation systems. Enprotec sells three different air flotation systems. After bench scales testing, Enprotec can then recommend the most cost effective method of air flotation.

The three methods used for air flotation are:

  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
  • Induced Air Flotation (IAF)
  • Charged Air Flotation (CAF)

Charged Air Flotation (CAF) - This technology is a New Enprotec design that now allows for significant cost advantages and smaller footprint over the traditional air flotation technologies. See the Air Flotation Systems section for details.

Ultra Filters

When emulsified oils are a problem, Enprotec has designed is own Ultrafilter membrane technology to seperate emulsified oils. See the Membrane Systems / Ultrafiltration section for details.

R3f Water Polishing

For situations where there is a need to lower the non emulsified oil content to less than 10 mg/l, Enprotec suggests use of the R3f technology, which uses fine glass bead or organo clay media to provide the polishing of the slightly oil contaminated wastewater. See the R3f section for details.

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