- OMVa - Compact Ozone Plant

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OZONFILT - OMVa - Compact Ozone Plant

Ozone generating plants type OZONFILT are matured compact plants and comprise various series. The series OMVa comprises three types with capacities between 5 and 30 g of Ozone/h.


  • Completely pre-mounted plug&play Ozone step


Application Areas

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Swimming pool water treatment
  • Treatment of process water


  • Ozone generating plant OZONFILT-OZVA
  • Ozone addition with static mixer
  • Residual Ozone removal with integrated water separator
  • Reaction tank of stainless steel
  • Ozone gas warning device with long-time stable electrochemic sensor

General Technical Data

ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH
ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH
Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11
Heidelberg , Baden-Württemberg; 69123


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