Comprehensive Pool of Expertise in HPLC

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Comprehensive Pool of Expertise in HPLC

Merck Millipore has significantly expanded its range of information regarding high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The HPLC experts at Merck Millipore offer a comprehensive collection of application notes and methods, which can be found in the Analytical Application Finder on the Merck Millipore website. The company thus provides support for customers when optimizing existing processes and developing new ones.


Merck Millipore customers benefit from being able to use the HPLC products to establish reliable processes quickly with an extremely high quality standard in accordance with existing or new regulatory guidelines. The provisions of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) are among the most significant for pharmaceutical molecules. Laboratories which apply the USP methods with HPLC columns and high purity solvents from Merck Millipore achieve reliable quality control processes quickly. Purospher® STAR RP-18 HPLC columns and the LiChrosolv® HPLC solvents deliver optimum results as exemplified in a recent campaign about analysis according to regulatory guidelines (Analytical HPLC for Block Buster Drugs).

Merck Campaign 2012: Passion – Precision – Partnership


One of the topics Merck Millipore is driving forwards in 2012 is HPLC, as part of the Campaign '100% – Fascinated by Analytics'. Merck Millipore wants to put the values brought to life in the corporate culture at the oldest chemicals and pharmaceuticals company in the world – passion, precision and partnership with customers and contractors – in the spotlight.

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100% Fascínated by Analytics - Lab Essentials by Merck Millipore

Who aims for nearly perfect, almost reliable or possibly safe? Certainly not you. Because analytics is about 100% fascination – anything less is unacceptable. We understand. And deliver. Whether creating innovative, premium quality products or fulfilling regulatory requirements, we always strive for excellence. It's this passion for perfection that keeps our customers and us at the forefront of our fields.

HPLC columns made by Merck Millipore

Decades of product innovation focused on providing customers with the best HPLC separation tools have resulted in a comprehensive range of high-quality HPLC columns by Merck Millipore. View this video and learn more about how Merck Millipore can provide top-quality HPLC products.

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