- Model Auto XL - Fuel Additive

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Coval - Model Auto XL - Fuel Additive

Coval Auto XL is a fuel additive especially designed for use in all types of automobile engines. Classic, Vintage, Family, SUV’s and High Performance Cars, whether diesel of petrol will benefit in improved performance, reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption. Coval Auto XL begins working as soon as it enters the fuel system cleaning and removing carbon deposits, flushing carburetor jets and cleaning fuel injectors, piston heads and spark plugs, stabilizing the fuel to combust more efficiently. Buy Coval Auto XL now at our special offer price and experience the difference.


Coval Auto XL fuel additive is purpose built for any carburetor or fuel Injected, turbo petrol or diesel engines for all types of Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles.

Coval Auto XL Fuel Additive will help improve : –

  • Hesitation or Flat Spots
  • Rough Idle
  • Poor Fuel Consumption
  • Lack of Power
  • Poor Acceleration
  • Excessive Exhaust Emissions

Coval Auto XL Fuel Additive containing no harmful biocides improves the lubricity and stablilises the fuel, improving engine performance, reducing fuel consumption and cutting harmful CO, CO2 and NOX emissions.

Coval Auto XL Fuel Additive will lubricate and clean the upper cylinders, fuel pumps, turbochargers and related fuel system and exhaust system components. It will not harm any engine components.

Coval Auto XL Fuel Additive prevents moisture or water in fuel caused through condensation which can cause rough idling and moisture related problems including corrosion and oxidization.

Buy Coval Auto XL Fuel Additive now at our special offer price and experience the difference.

How To Use

First Application

  1. Aquasolve will work better within suggested parameters with water content no more than 2% so drain off any excess water. (In truth this should be part of your ‘good fuel husbandry’ anyway, something that we at Aquasolve like to promote).
  2. Add AQUASOLVE. It is important to remember that you cannot overdose AQUASOLVE, if you add too much than the solution will simply take longer to clear, with no adverse effects to the fuel or engine performance. As a guide use a ratio of 1:1000. We recommend that if you do not know the exact amount of water in the fuel tank to use a generous amount the first time around.
  3. Fill tank with fuel. The agitation of the AQUASOLVE, water and fuel in the tank by the incoming new fuel will take care of the mixing.

Subsequent Applications
Add AQUASOLVE before filling tank. It is recommended whenever possible that any excess water be drained off from your tank. Any residual dead bacteria or sludge should also be cleaned out.

AQUASOLVE can be added to stagnant and static tanks where water cannot be drained off. Once the product is introduced, it is advisable to agitate the mixture immediately by adding your fuel as required, this will accelerate the water bonding process.

When AQUASOLVE is added to fuel it will first go cloudy and then clear. If the solution does not clear, additional AQUASOLVE should be introduced to the mix. Overdosing will not adversely effect the fuel. To maintain the fuel at its optimum, treat regularly at a ratio of 1 part AQUASOLVE to 1,000 parts fuel.

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Coval Aquasolve Video

Coval Aquasolve is a unique and groundbreaking treatment that dissolves water in diesel fuel. Water in the fuel inhibits engine performance and will rapidly wear and oxidise engine components, causing rusting and corrosion, resulting in injection damage and seizure. Aquasolve prevents rusting and damage, increases engine performance and reduces harmful emmisions pumped into the enviroment. For more information please visit http://www.covalaquasolve.co.uk

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