DeNOx and N2O Reduction

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DeNO<sub>x</sub> and N<sub>2</sub>O Reduction
Ammonia and nitric oxide emissions are harmful for health and the environment. They can be formed either as by-products in chemical processes or in combustion under high-temperature conditions and must be removed from the exhaust gases.

Decomposition of NOx, N2O and NH3

One way to reduce such emissions is the catalytic conversion to the harmless gases nitrogen and water. Clariant provides the EnviCat NOx series catalysts for these applications. These catalysts are available in bulk and honeycomb forms, and can be used across a wide range of operation conditions.
The EnviCat NOx series is based on transition metal exchanged zeolites, which enable high-performance operation thru a broad temperature range. VWT based EnviCat NOx Yellow for the middle temperature range, Zeolite based EnviCat NOx Blue for low temperatures, and Zeolite based EnviCat NOx Red for higher temperatures.


SCR for decomposition of NO and NO2 emitted by common combustion processes.


Performance Benefits



  • Well-proven catalytic technology for a highly effective removal of NOx exhausts
  • Designed also for high space velocities (up to 60.000 h-1)
  • Available as honeycombs or pellets
  • Operation temperature range from 190° C up to 600° C
  • Active for »Fast« and »Standard« SCR also in the presence of oxygen and humidity

The EnviCat NOx series have been developed for plants operating between 1 to 10 bar and in a high oxygen environment.
For conditions where SCR is not possible or not meaningful, EnviCat NSCR and EnviCat TWC catalysts can be applied.
Additionally, multiple-bed catalytic systems for the combined removal of VOC/CO and NOx can be provided by Clariant.

EnviCat NOx Blue and EnviCat NOx Red can be applied for the selective oxidation of ammonia to nitrogen and water (SCO) with only low formation of N2O and NOx. Typical application: Semiconductor industry.


Performance Benefits

  • Significant advantage compared to noble metal catalysts where N2O and NOx are the main products.
  • Well-proven catalyst technology to achieve high levels of NH3 conversion with only low formation of N2O or NOx.
  • Typical space velocities: 10000 – 30000h-1

EnviCat NOx Blue and EnviCat NOx Red catalysts are be operated at higher temperatures than conventional precious metal (PGM) based catalysts, they form mainly N2 with a selectivity typically above 90 %.


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