- DP Modules for Dialysis

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DIADYN - DP Modules for Dialysis

Our modern membrane technology allows for different separation processes using dialysis. The largest use for dialysis is for medical purposes, for instance blood cleaning by the use of the artificial kidney.

A special use of the dialysis process in the food industry is the selective separation of alcohol from beverages. In this process we use dialysers with hollow fibre membranes.

Our hollow-fibre membranes for dialysis are produced from the purest cotton cellulose, which offers a chemical stability, which meets the highest requirements. Although having an inner diameter of only 0.2 mm, they offer a high degree of mechanical resistance, allowing their use under very harsh process conditions.

The beverage (e.g. beer) in order to be de-alcoholized runs through the hollow fibre, the dialysed fluid (e.g. water with taste additives) flows in the opposite direction on the outer side of the membrane, thus making best use of the membrane surface.

The driving force in the interchange process is exclusively the difference in alcohol concentration between the two fluids.

The selectivity is given by the size of the pores of the membrane, the molecular size of the substances to be extracted and their diffusion speed.

In pharmaceutical and biological technologies we offer dialysis modules autoclavable at 121°C, allowing for the use of this product-protecting filtration technique even in this highly sensitive process.

Unique Advantages of the De-alcoholization Process

  • Reliable, technically simple and economical process
  • Separation at process temperatures, no temperature increase required
  • No additional energy supply required
  • No taste alteration
  • Proven in breweries in the production of low alcohol, low calorie beers
  • No change in CO² content
  • Quality features as froth, colour, and durability remain unchanged
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