DIF600RTU-RA - Sulfur Dioxide Passive Sampler

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DIF600RTU-RA - Sulfur Dioxide Passive Sampler
This sulfur dioxide detector is designed for passive sampling of gaseous molecules of SO2 in ambient air. Passive air sampling of ambient air pollution involves low cost air quality instruments. Sulfur dioxide gas monitoring, for example from traffic emission, may be an important aspect of emissions modeling exercises or air sampling for dispersion modeling.

Air pollution monitoring using our sulfur dioxide analyzer provides long-term assessments of emissions management actions and air pollution control. Hazardous gas monitoring of sulfur dioxide is becoming increasingly important as organizations implement their air quality control actions. For example SO2 monitoring is important in the prevention of acid rain.

Sulfur dioxide analysis involves quantitative determination of the concentrations of sulfate ions chemically adsorbed to the SO2 monitor by Ion Chromatography with reference to a calibration curve. Our air analyses are all conducted by UKAS Accredited Methods, working to ISO 17025.
Diffusion tubes are ambient air analyzers suitable for carrying out spatial or localized ambient air quality monitoring for sulfur dioxide. SO2 measurement with ambient gas analyzers can be an excellent tool for any pollution assessment survey or on-going study. Capable of providing long-term assessments for air quality modeling or determining air management locations. SO2 monitoring is widely used for ambient air sampling of traffic emissions and SO2 emissions from fuel combustion, such as from domestic fires, power stations and oil refineries.
The sulfur dioxide air monitor forms part of Ormantines range of ambient air monitoring systems for organic and inorganic pollution. Emissions sampling using diffusion tubes is used in greenhouse gas monitoring programs, pollution research and air pollution modeling.

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Ormantine USA works closely with consultants, engineers, and other environmental professionals on a daily basis to help find the best solutions to meet individual needs. Ormantine air and soil samplers can be used in: Remediation Performance; Soil Gas Monitoring; Site Assessments; Brownfield Redevelopment; Landfill / Waste Management; Decontamination; Hazardous Material Investigations; Emission Monitoring & Testing; Exposure...


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