DSC-60 Series - Thermal Analysis Instruments

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DSC-60 Series - Thermal Analysis Instruments

The new DSC-60 Series Differential Scanning Calorimeter provides substantially higher sensitivity with excellent resolution and signal-to-noise ratios. A built-in liquid nitrogen bath enables low temperature measurements without any accessories. Detector cleaning is fast, easy, and accomplished automatically by using a built-in cleaning program. Windows-based operating software enables customized operation and reporting as well as easy communication through the Internet and Intranet.


  • Increased Sensitivity and Resolution with the Progressive DSC Detector
  • Excellent S/N Ratio
  • Integrated Cooling Operation
  • Convenient Detector Cleaning via Software
  • Simple Operation to Mail Data via the Internet
  • Progressive Reporting Functions Based on OLE
  • Fully Compatible Windows® 32-bit Applications
  • Compatible with TA-50 Series Modules



Millennia Thermal Analysis

SHIMADZU has been pursuing what thermal analysis instruments should be since it developed the DT-1 in 1958, the first differential thermal analyzer in Japan.

The solutions we obtained through research and development are reflected in our products by features such as 'Micro DTA', 'Multi-channel' and 'Stand-alone' design.
These features help our customers solve problems.

SHIMADZU presents the thermal analysis instruments '60 series' in which market needs, learned through research over the years, have been realized which up-to-date technology.

We introduce the 60 series with confidence, as the thermal analysis instruments for the 21st century.


Integration of up-to-date Functions and Outstanding Performance

The DSC, an essential instrument for characterizing materials. Development of new high performance and high functionality materials requires always having a higher level of sensitivity and the latest conveniences. Introducing the new DSC system, designed using technology accumulated from years of DSC development.


Double DSC sensitivity

Along with development of the new detector featuring both heat measurement precision and durability, the DSC peak height has increased to almost double of the conventional DSC technique to accomplish high sensitivity.

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