Model DT-500GC - Glass Crusher

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Model DT-500GC - Glass Crusher

The DT-500GC is specially designed for crushing glass bottles, jars and similar glass materials. The DT-500GC is delivered with a wheeled C-500 container with 0,5m3 capacity & big bag solution. DT-500GC is a member of the Delitek DT-500series waste handling system, consisting of Shredder, Waste compactor and Glass crusher with interchangeable containers.

For passenger vessels, accommodation installations & onboard waste management stations

DT-500GC, is based around the C-500 container. It is designed for crushing glass bottles etc. The DT-500GC is very well suited for passenger vessels, ferries, cruise-ships etc. It's high capacity also makes this model a good choice for any installation with special needs regarding volume reduction of glass bottles.

The output after crushing is small fragments of crushed glass that can be directly recycled, or for example used as drainage fillings.

The waste is collected in the container in a 'Big bag'. It is easy to remove and deploy, by rolling out the container and lift the bag out.

Key Benefits

  • Stainless steel units for indoor or outdoor placement.
  • Wheeled stainless steel containers for easy waste segregation and logistics.
  • Interchangeable trolleys for flexible use.
  • Delitek products are certified by DNV.
  • Powerful electric motors for high shaft torque.
  • Crushing directly into big bags for easy and safe deployment of glass waste.
  • Easy installation and operation (Plug & Play).
  • Safe operation due to complete enclosure of the container. No migration of dust.

Technical Data


Stainless steel
AISI 304 or
AISI 316


0,5 m3

Feeding tube

Ø 150mm



(Inc. container)

240 Kg

Motor voltage

220V / 380~440V, 3Ph, 50~60Hz

Motor power

1,5 kW

Noise level

65dB idling.
(Approx. 78dB
under operation.)

Delitek AS
Delitek AS
Alsvaag 8432


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