- Model ECO 182 TS - Two Shaft Tire Waste Shredder

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Eco Green Giant - Model ECO 182 TS - Two Shaft Tire Waste Shredder

Eco Green’s two-shaft tire shredders are designed with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology. The shredder blade thickness ranges from 1” to 6” (25 mm to 152 mm) depending on the type of tires, throughput, and desired end product. The Eco 182 TS shredder can process OTR tires, large truck tires and car tires at a rate of up to 10 tons an hour.


  • Motor Specifications: Electric
  • Number of Motors: 2
  • HP/KW: 145-170 HP/110-125 KW
  • Voltage: as per customer request
  • Cutting Chamber: Split Chamber(options available)
  • Large Blade Thickness: 75 mm/3 in
  • Small Blade Thickness: 37 mm/1.5 in
  • Blade Diameter: 754 mm/30 in
  • Cutting Chamber L x W: 1865 x 1510 mm/73 x 60 in
  • Equipment Dimensions L x W x H: 5795 x 2438 x 3383 mm/230 x 96 x 133 in
  • Equipment Weight: 25,000 Kg/55,000 lbs
  • Hopper Opening L x W x H: 2790 x 2438 x 1046 mm/110 x 96 x 41 in
  • Input Capacity: 12 ton/hr
  • Product Size Range: 75 mm Strips-25 mm chips
ECO Green Equipment
ECO Green Equipment
425 North 400 West, Building 3A
North Salt Lake ,  Utah 84054


Tire shredding for the recycling industry

ECO Green Equipment offers custom designed tire recycling system that deliver optimum production for a variety of applications such as TDF (Tire Derived Fuel), Wire-free chips, crumb rubber and rubber powder.


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