- EH40 - Plastic Porous Paving 1 Square Metre

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Ecogrid - EH40 - Plastic Porous Paving 1 Square Metre

Ecogrid is the original ground reinforcement permeable paving product made from recycled polyethylene. It is THE SUDS solution for a massive variety of uses form heavy duty vehicle roadways, agricultural vehicles, grass parking, gravel fill, resin bound stone applications. It is: Ecogrid is always in UK stock with next day delivery available Ecogrid gives Published independent test results showing quality Ecogrid is guaranteed for life when installed to specifications Ecogrid is weather and fully UV resistant Ecogrid is the only NATO approved grid Ecogrid is environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials Ecogrid is durable and maintenance free Ecogrid is of solid construction due to unique, patented interlocking system Ecogrid is simply and quickly applied (approx. 100m2/person/hour) Ecogrid E50 has a wall thickness of 7mm Ecogrid E50 is 1.03 KG per tile / 4.12 KG per square metre Ecogrid has a High load bearing capacity (up to 800T/m2, TUV tested and independently certificat

Why Ecogrid is the European Leader for Porous Paving

9 tiles per square metre

Up to 91 square metres on a pallet

4 different depths of grid from 30mm to 50mm

4 different colours available


The range further consists of special elements for construction - curved sections, angled sections for embankment reinforcement, soft mats to fit to the grid, parking bay markers, disabled bay pads and a great deal more (see accessories) We are the sole UK and ROI distributors of Ecogrid. Consequently, we carry large volumes in stock allowing for quick, mass dispatch and can have high quantities delivered direct to site.


Trade enquiries are welcome.


We are experts in this field of business, having been a family owned landscape construction company for over 35 years.


Other products available



R pave is slightly over 2mm thick

R Pave is 39mm deep

R pave tiles are 0.53 KG each/ 2.12 KG per square metre

R Pave has no locking mechanism

R Pave is of rigid construction

R Pave appears to have no independent test results

R pave tiles simply slide together and slide easily apart

R Pave has no base support

R pave is hollow throughout

Ecopaving- this is an own-brand / re-brand of the Rpave product. Ecopaving is a company brand name


Hebden 402- This is a rebranding of the rpave product, Hebden 402 is a company brand name


Hebden 401- This is when the company sold the Zypave product (now Hanpave) and not the Rpave, prior to Iplas (the manufacturer) ceasing to trade



Coregravel is a different type of product

Coregravel appear to have no published test results

Coregravel is of shallow construction

Coregravel appears to not be independently tested



Nidagravel is a different type of product

Nidagravel appear to have no published test results

Nidagravel is of shallow construction

Nidagravel appears to not be independently tested


Bodpave 85

Has an integrated ground spike making fitting very difficult to fit in hard ground or if roots are prevalent.

Bodpave 85 is of rigid, inflexible construction


Bodpave 40

Needs clipping together, Only 40mm thick


GRB grids

Appears to be another rebrand of the Hanpave (EX Zypave) product

Only thin walls

No locking mechanism



Larger tile size

No locking mechanism

No independent test results published.


Zypave or Hanpave

Only 39mm,

Lightweight construction

Hanpave has no visible locking mechanism

Hanpave has no published test results, 


Aco ground guard Larger tile, rectangular. Less elastomeric surface, Impossible to unclip without full excavation, Needs retaining spikes.


Geogrid , Envirotrak, GF40, GF30, GF50 (All appear to be the same product rebranded)
Only 38mm tile depth available.

Wall thickness of 3.5mm

Larger tile size

No locking mechanism

No independent test results published.

Ecogrid Ltd
Ecogrid Ltd
28 - 29 Wheatland Business Park, Wheatland Lane
Wallasey , Merseyside; CH44 7ER


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