- Model EP - High Performance Vision Technology.

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ECOPACK - Model EP - High Performance Vision Technology.

ECOPACK EP disposes of the last advances devices in High Performance Vision Technology.

Thanks to the multi spectral vision system (UV+VIS+NIR), it's possible to provide a reliable and secure way to detect and classify a wide range of materials or combination of materials (multilayer containers), gathering the maximum range of information for the right detection process.


The same module allows to sort all selected materials. The operator solely have to choose by a digital screenplay the desired settings.


ECOPACK EP joins any width of conveyor belt from 500mm until 2000mm. Further working widths are available under customer request.


Machine usefulness
Automated sorting by colour and composition of different plastic bottles and light packagings: PET, HDPE, LDPE, TETRABRICK, PAPER, MULTILAYER, CARDBOARD, etc.

Vision system
It's equipped with a multi-spectral system that allows the recognition of multiple materials thanks to the capability of building a continuous spectrogram of each material.

Lighting system
It's a lighting system that helps the multispectral vision system to gather the maximum needed information, in order to get enough spectroscopy data.

Flexible Technology
ECOPACK equipment permits to classify different type of materials. The same module ECOPACK allows to sort all selected materials, being them plastic bottles and packagings or paper and cardboard sheets. Machine operator only have to choose desired operations on a touch screen.

Module Concept

The ECOPACK modules are designed to work on conveyor belts from 500 mm up to 2000 mm, setting up the different options allowed by the system.

In order to achieve customer's desired range the working parameters can be adjusted easily by the user on the touch screen.


Maintenance is easy and simple. The only systems that depend on a regular maintenance are the following:

  • Lighting system: bulb light replacement.
  • Ejection system: checking out filters and air valves.

No other specific maintenance is required, provided that operative mode is properly done.

PICVISA machine vision systems, SL
PICVISA machine vision systems, SL
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